Ability to view alliance member’s “Player Profiles”+ add more info to profiles?

So I have some notes saved on some of my alliance member’s best heroes, who has TC20, and some other things. This is so if I get a hero I want advice about I know who to ask. And TBH just for the sake of having the info. :laughing:
I was inspired to do this by the leaders and co leaders of my alliance, because they like to ask for & save info about newly recruited members including things like their best heroes, best color, roster depth and prefered play style (eg.mono, 4:1, 3:1:1, rainbow, etc) so they and the elders can help assist in picking the best war targets for recent members and semi-recent members like myself when we aren’t sure who we have the best chance of one-shot killing.

And this got me thinking, why should alliance leaders/co leaders. Only get to look at our trophies, current defense team, and a short testimonial when deciding to accept us into their competitve alliance?

I was thinking perhaps it would be helpful for our alliance members (or atleast just the leaders and coleaders) to be able to constantly view are Player Profile. It could be helpful for them when giving individual advice if they could view things that predict our potential for fast improvement like stronghold level, how close we are to leveling up, highest trophies, and longest raid win streak.

I also would like if different or additional information was on our profile that would be helpful for alliance members to know. Examples:

  1. We already have “Highest Titan Damage”. How about to go along with that we have something like “Average Titan Damage” which is an average of every hit damage the player did for the last 20/30/40/50(idk) titans they hit. I think this represents skill more than other things on our profile. Personally, I never found “finishing titan strikes” to reflect anything about my play style or how skilled I am. All it shows is whether Im the type of member to try save a couple flags for the next titan if I can or if I just dont stop hitting even if its close to dead.

  2. To go along with displayed “Defense Team Power” there’s something like “Cumulative War Team Power which adds the hero power of the strongest 30 heroes in our roster

  3. (Not too sure about this one but…) Since “Most Powerful Hero displayed how about something akin to “Number of Heroes” this number might be inaccurate for people who keep a cache of feeder heroes, so maybe it can only refer to the number of heroes with a rarity of 3*/Rare and higher excluding trainer heroes or it can only refer to. (OR) It can be a slightly different category like “Number of Max Tier Heroes” so leaders and co. know how many highly viable heroes there members have for war.

  4. (Also not too sure about this one) Perhaps something like “Element: [1 of the 5 Elemental Types Inserted Here]” Which would just signify what your strongest element is by adding the Hero Power of all your heroes (at max tier) who belong to the same element. I think this one may be helpful for alliance leaders who like to moderately orchestrate which members attack which targets at war. For the majority of alliances this may just end up being a ‘fun’ but essentially useless category though, like “highest combo”

[on the puny chance my idea doesnt suck and actually happens, it would be nice if I could customize my profile (like changing the color from blue to like pink or something) for free atleast one time. I known it shouldnt matter but i like aesthetics] :sweat_smile:

Some of these ideas have merit, and could be useful. I believe that many groups have Line and Discord because of the limited sharing opportunities in the game itself.


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