Ability to use teammate war flags + some others QoL

  1. For example if your teammate for some reason (all we are just people) can’t use war flags in the end of war (1-2 hours before the end) and if he opt-in this ability any co-leader or leader can get access to this teammate’s hero roster and play all war flags instead of him. No stress, no drama.
  2. Ability for leader and/or co-leader opt-out war for teammates.
  3. Ability to show your roster to your teammates. Presently for this you must type text in chat or use 3rd side messengers (line, telegram, discord and etc) or make adequate in-game chat

sg不会为了玩家开发这些的 看看冶金和英雄学院就能知道 这个游戏公司的态度了

I know it. Just my try, nothing more :slight_smile:
They promised some QoL for players in sneak peek 2021…

Courtesy of google translate:
“sg will not develop these for players. Just look at Metallurgy and Hero Academy to know the attitude of this game company.”

EDIT: Chinese seems to translate badly as isolating characters give different words. “Metallurgy”? I’d guess ascension materials.

EDIT 2: @ArchiDevil , #one and #two will be definite non starters, #3 sounds good but there are third party resources.

Never happen in any lifetime as this would constitute hacking into personal accounts and thus against any and all privacy laws in the world.

This is already discussed on another thread for over 3yrs now, good luck with that.

Not a bad idea but it also has been brought up on many occasions over the years.

This works well and has no downsides to it.

Basically in a nutshell, this topic is over and should be distributed to the correct thread topics.

There are, but in this case better play in games which not forcing you to use 3rd party resources :slight_smile: This part of game really worst and obsollete

Sure. I am about 3 years in this game and still wait wave counter in stages :slight_smile: Only new summons, only money

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Only if players opt-in this feature. And you will not get access to all player account - only roster.

I know it. Wait for it all this 3 years as others do :slight_smile: But not sure if I will wait another 3 years for it

And still nothing

Except that not all players use third-party messengers. As I for example. In our alliance there are a lot of players from other countries. In my country primary messenger is WhatsApp, in other Line (blocked in my country) or Telegram (semi-blocked in my country) - not all will be install another one app for this game.

Maybe. Except first ability.

You have one year on me so I’ll take your word for it for now. :slightly_smiling_face:

The point of those comments was for you place or make your suggestions on those threads/topics and vote for them there ad that will not only attract more attention but also help the cause much further or closer into possible success.

Which has no lawful or legal possibilities thus forget it.

Which law restrict me from to get access (in fact just temporary copy to my account) to roster of hero for limited time with my teammate agreed?
When Lord Loki copies my hero’s special skill does he need my permission? :slight_smile: It’s just a copy of roster - not full access

You are Welcome :slight_smile: This game have too much loyalty community and that’s why (Zynga/SGG) they do only what THEY want. I play other game. Developers decided to release really OP hero (money of course), community decreased game rating in AS and PM from 4.5 to 2.9. Result - release was canceled.

You mean to use his roster to do his war hits is the way you discribed it thus to use another persons/members account in any way shape or form is not only going against privacy laws but also SG terms and conditions thus if they allowed this they would be contradicting their only T&C’s.

Either way and no matter how look it, it will never happen in both yours and my lifetime, lol.

Playing with the same roster as account owner it’s not the same like using someone account (full control) + any account in this game is property of Zynga and not the players. Looks like you are not developer and not realize how it will works.

I don’t have any high expectations about this. I am too long in this game :slight_smile:

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Maybe alchemy lab?

20 characters

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Most of all buildings in this game can match for this criteria :slight_smile:

Lol, only 10yrs of it m8, LMFAO, it why I know exactly how things work. :roll_eyes: :yawning_face:

Actually it’s probably closer to 15+

Maybe some less - 13 years in software development :slight_smile:

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