Ability to turn on/off gems spending in options

I think it would be nice if you will add function to block any gems spending in options. It’s not hard to do and also some people will like that. For example i am gathering gems and want to use them later, i don’t want to use them accidently or in rush (that happens sometimes :wink:) so i would block any use of them in options and when i will garther enough or how much i want i would ublock that option and use them. Or you think it will let people to spend a bit less and yours greed will never let that happen? :thinking: Common players will support me with that?

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You already have a confirmation button that suppose to prevent to accidentally spend gems.
But if you have gems, use them :smiling_imp:

Your request is rejected!

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I think this is a good idea. Notwithstanding the confirmation box, I can see situations where it’s easy to click through that box and spend gems unwittingly. (For example, I know at least two people whose young children did some very unfortunate things with gems or heroes.) As long as it can be toggled in Options, it really won’t affect total (intentional) spending.

Also, I really don’t want to see how many thousands of gems it would take to complete my training backlog!

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Good idea!

I’am already twice spent 75 gems when I tapped fast many times to restart battle. (i do not wanted to continue the battle with point penalty). This is awful, counting the fact, that i do not buy any gems and try to play fair. Any gem for me on count.