Ability to see your clan mates full Roster


I think that it would be very beneficial for clan mates to be able to see your whole roster of heroes.
This would be useful to help others plan rosters for titan battles, and set up the most useful defensive team.


install line … or another chat program of your choice.
There, people can show you screenshots of their deck.

if you are in the leadership team:
Make a line … or such … group for such advice and education. There, members can post their deck, receive advice … and the other members can read and learn also. This is what our alliance does.

NO to giving the alliance buddies the opportunity to see my entire deck in the game.
In an alliance with F2P players and P2W players, this could lead to … hm … hard feelings. Not good.


I’ve played plenty of games with mixed f2p and p2w (p2p) players and this has never been a issue regarding others able to see who you have access to use in the game.

While line apps and other commoniction apps are useful with statergy and advice. I think the option would be helpful.

Maybe you can have a setting in the option on rather to allow clan mates to see your deck??


How about a setting:

  • Allow alliance members to see your roster Y/N

Then you could toggle it on, ask your alliance mates for advice, and then toggle it off. Or whatever.


I’d rather the devs spent their time developing new content (heroes, things like season 2 and alliance wars, new events, etc) than try and replicate a feature (sharing screenshots) that’s easily accomplished with a free app like discord or line.


New content comes in time. It’s slways the little stuff that makes games classics. Improving the overall gaming experience making the gameplay seamless, more options in clans menu etc…