Ability to see others' stats, and to mask your own


I like the stats presented when you look at your own player profile. I’d also like to be able to see these stats for others - to be able to learn a bit more about an opponent, or someone I’m considering for Alliance recruitment (or promotion, etc).

I’m conscious that not everyone would like their stats to be visible, so maybe also include a Privacy option that allows you to choose your stats visibility between World; Alliance; or Me Only.



Good idea. Agreed but with privacy controls options though :grin: :sunglasses:


Yes, wouldn’t want implementation without the privacy control part.
I personally wouldn’t mind at all if people see my stats, and many would like the opportunity to ‘show their stuff’… but know that many would prefer not.

Just seems a bit of a waste to have all these nice stats about your performance, and no opportunity to show them off. :slight_smile: