Ability to see new war rules BEFORE matchmaking

It is posted during match making. Click on the little black circle beside the box that says “War starts in:”. That tells you the rule for the upcoming war. Once you figure out the different symbols you can tell by just looking at it.


A lot of my alliance are thinking of quitting after the last war it wasn’t a pleasant experience when your best teams get killed off in 3 specials from the opponent. I don’t expect @Staff_SGG @moderators there will be any changes or very fast mana removed so couple of suggestions.
On the monthly calendar that’s produced add what war boost is coming up like the trials. Add a new war boost
NO BOOST its mono a mono there defence against my attack just like raids.
Very fast mana benefits the defence more than attack give the attackers something back

This could be added once the rotation is set. Keep an eye on the following thread.

I believe this is the intent since normal raids heavily favour the attackers. I personally did not find V.fast rule overly difficult, and everyone faces the same issue.

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