Ability to see new war rules BEFORE matchmaking

With the upcoming changes to war rules, please allow players to see what rules are going to be in effect for the upcoming war before the matchmaking process to allow them to opt out before it messes up their alliance mates. Much like the tournaments, players are given the rules ahead of time before participation is locked in.

I really don’t like the idea of encouraging people to opt out of wars just because their heroes may seem less ideal. War loot is important. Participation is important. Certainly more important than giving teammates the message that their heroes aren’t worthy, sit this one out. How else are they supposed to learn and improve?


Actually, war is one of the few things that work. Screwing it up by initiating tournament style rules is in my opinion a mistake. If someone likes the tournament style rules, then by all means participate in the tournament. Members have a choice to participate. No one is telling them to sit it out. It is a personal choice. Beside - war loot has gone to crap, just like the titan chest and elemental chests.

I’m just saying it sucks for the alliance that gets matched based on everyone participating but because of an oddball rule announced AFTER matchmaking, people don’t want to participate in the war and the alliance loses out on quality flag usage.

Yepp, this is dreadful… The one before gave me 2 unfarmables.

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