Ability to see new war rules BEFORE matchmaking

With the upcoming changes to war rules, please allow players to see what rules are going to be in effect for the upcoming war before the matchmaking process to allow them to opt out before it messes up their alliance mates. Much like the tournaments, players are given the rules ahead of time before participation is locked in.

I really don’t like the idea of encouraging people to opt out of wars just because their heroes may seem less ideal. War loot is important. Participation is important. Certainly more important than giving teammates the message that their heroes aren’t worthy, sit this one out. How else are they supposed to learn and improve?


Actually, war is one of the few things that work. Screwing it up by initiating tournament style rules is in my opinion a mistake. If someone likes the tournament style rules, then by all means participate in the tournament. Members have a choice to participate. No one is telling them to sit it out. It is a personal choice. Beside - war loot has gone to crap, just like the titan chest and elemental chests.

I’m just saying it sucks for the alliance that gets matched based on everyone participating but because of an oddball rule announced AFTER matchmaking, people don’t want to participate in the war and the alliance loses out on quality flag usage.


Yepp, this is dreadful… The one before gave me 2 unfarmables.


That’s titan loot, not war loot or chests.

But I will concede the point that loot is pretty good overall. My last war chest gave me rings, a hidden blade, 100 fighter emblems, an epic hero token, and 3 costume keys. Granted, most my war chests aren’t that good, but war loot is something not to be underestimated either.


My alliance is excited about the new rules. They’re creating wider niches for niche heroes, which improves the overall quality of the game. “Dead hoard” wars give minion heroes like Grimble, Gobbler, Captain of Diamonds, Bera, Kavasir, and upcoming Gormek costume if Beta details pan out, a chance to shine.

War already had special rules, they just expanded on them. I don’t understand why this would change war participation. People didn’t suddenly boycott wars and stop using their flags in the past after seeing it was arrow barrage, did they? But if it’s really that important to your alliance, rest assured that a new pattern will soon emerge, and the E&P community will share it.

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Actually, there was a bit of discussion amongst some of my alliance’s lower level players about possibly opting out of Field Aid wars, since their lower level flags were far too weak to do any kind of damage to our higher level opponents in those wars.

I mean, I get it that everyone should try, and learn, and all of that… but there are some aspects of the game that are just not well suited for lower level players. The only thing they will learn is that it’s nearly impossible to kill a strong wing healer in a Field Aid war using only 3* heroes (though they will probably spend about 20 minutes trying, only to score a 0). LOL


Well, after a few iterations, I guess it should be easy to chart out the pattern, just like Quests, then you will know the order of the rules…this can be done collectively in the alliance…then if anyone should choose to opt out based on inability to participate in any of the rules it can be done prior to the match making.

Not sure how SGG would be able to give a preview of the war rule prior to matchmaking, if they can that would be fine…I often see comparison with tournament , but alliance war is not the same as tourneys because tourneys don’t involve alliance match making amongst other things.

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Would it be possible to post war rules during match making? It would make it easier to prepare for war and change defence for alliances.

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Is there a way we can have next war rules to be displayed before the next war preparation? (This can be displayed at the time they give you choice to tick or until your war participation) so we can avoid war rules that doesn’t make sense to us.

For example: for my roster that personally consist of fast/vfast heroes, it may not make sense for me to join vfast war as what I have might not pack the punch vs the enemies slow now vfast ability. Another thing is I dislike the feeling of do or die (depends on too much luck) which vfast rule gives. Forcing me to join without knowing the rules will just bring disadvantages to my alliance.

I imagine the new war rules will follow a regular pattern just like the original three did. So far, it appears they do not repeat in successive wars like the originals used to.

You could always just concentrate on clean-up duty for v.fast wars. There will likely be a lot more of that available.

I agree this war absolutely is horrid i will opt out or just quit if they do more like this. Its ridiculous at what happens if you cannot make at least 3 matches in your first 5 turns. Bad board just flee you have no chance.


Thing is I’m usually part of the one shot reseter person who take on the bigger guys. So it wouldn’t be helpful if I’m doing a cleanup. Totally become useless in my first 3 flags, doesn’t even fire at all, while the last 3 flags goes so wonderful because of the board. The gambling is just too high in this, maybe I should try 2-2-1 and see if that’s better or even worse. Not sure why, but my alliance mate even get a better luck running mono since it’s a do or die anyways.

I feel with vfast war they totally disregard the slow heroes skill balance as they become way too much on vfast. Not sure how every decision that they do were supposed to bring balance back to the game 🤷

Pretty sure it’s not. This decision isn’t about balance so much as variety.


It’s a “war”. You turn up and do the best you can.

I didn’t like the equiliser war…it’s just a perfect counter to my play style and it genuinely got me angry in a match. First time I lost my cool with this thing.

But your opponents are experiencing the same thing so stand tall and give it your best shot. Rush war was actually quite fun…really intense and when it went wrong it went wrong big. I went 4-2 and it was feast or famine. We lost in the end because they were one-shorting us right to the end whereas we ran out of steam. That’s the way it goes.

Win as a team, lose as a team. Don’t sulk because your score wasn’t amazing.


24 hours isn’t enough for you to string five heroes together?

Do you always answer a question with a question?

Sorry you were so offended… I thought a legitimate response on par with the question…

Happy gaming.

This is the best summary of this idea. I thought this was going to be about giving everyone more time to change up their teams in between war rules. Maybe even about defenses that can be set up/saved per rule. But opting out because you don’t like the rule is a new one to me.

I have people who opted out of field aid wars all the time, unfortunately. It not new. :smiley: Luckily no one in my alliance is willing to mess their friends up by jumping out after matchmaking starts. But once the scheduling has been figured out again, I’m sure they will start again. It’s a choice they make to enjoy the game.

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