Ability to see hero tier max stats on cards

Simple one but something that gets me constantly.

As you decide who to level next, you search various online lists to see either max stats at tier 2, 3 or 4. All are in different sheets and posts around the forum, but it would be better if cards always displayed the max stats for the current tier being worked on and beyond.

For all tiers up to the final one, you can roughly see them by clicking the “ascend” button, but in final tier, you need to hunt around to see what that hero will look like at max.

Perhaps a small button "max " that shows a max tier list


This hero max menu:
Tier 1: att 543 def 450 hp 780
Tier 2: att 610 def 550 hp 890
Tier 3: … Same format above
Tier 4:…again format above


I would like to see also a “Performance page” for owned heroes.
For ex: how many raids/wars he fought, how many heroes/titans last hits etc
And by a certain number of points to be able to level that hero up to 100!

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That would be awesome!

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Yes 1000000000000000000000%

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