Ability to reverse/undo an accidental feeding of a hero

actually this is good and it all depends on our concentration, and I always immediately locked the hero 4 *, 5 * that i get

I think that would be a better way to go. Maybe set the default to locked for 5* and 4*


Firstly thanks to all of u for ur input and taking the time to think over the idea. I didn’t even consider the war factor so it’s great to get feedback. Maybe a lock out could b out into effect during war prep and during? The big thing was that it was a worse case scenario which could happen with a lot of characters. Quite a few look a LOT alike. I combined Hu with Wu but also had 2 3⭐️ blues I was never gonna use so I threw them in there too. So the warning just kinda was like “whatever”… I was all about Wu! Then it dawned on me within seconds. I think some one wrote how u would notice right away and trust me u do(kicking self now). Unlock my players too but again I know it was my fault ones just excited and made a mistake which we all do. That’s why I think the game makers should have a way to correct the honest mistakes and hopefully come up with a good way to keep cheaters away. Almost like that token to re-set the new hero thing. Maybe u have to buy one for 80 coins. Makes the saying “paying for ur mistakes” true. That would discourage cheaters I think. Please share ur input

Devs could add a “Groundhog Day” emergency reset button to VIP PASS (“now with no regrets reset button. Protect your investment from fumble fingers today”).

Pressing it resets your account to 12:01 AM UTC the day before ( so 24- 48 hours ).

At 5:00 PM UTC on Friday I hit the reset button, my account resets to 12:01 AM UTC on Thursday.

This would cost you

1-3 days of titan loot
0-1 days war loot
0-1 war chests
0-1 Class quest rewards

0-4 Wanted Monster mission chests
0-4 Wanted Hero mission chests
0-1 Rare Wanted Monster mission chests
0-1 Wanted Titan mission chests

any 4* / 5* heroes you summoned

24- 48 hours of training camps, farms, mines, both builders, Forges, etc.

0-1 days of VIP Pass ( gems, loot tickets, emblem, etc.)

They would just disable the feature for non VIP PASS accounts so you could make a mistake, purchase a 30 day VIP PASS and immediately use the reset button.

While I think misuse in war and upcoming Weekly Group Raids is, well, overblown, the reset button could automatically put you in SPECTATOR MODE for war.

Fantastic suggestion. Never thought about making it a part of the pass. Again I know they’re is the lock feature but still I’ll say it again there will always b situations where u forget to lock or ur looking over ur roster and unlock a few characters ur not using to level up and then BANG! That’s when Murphy’s Law kicks in. I even like the name re-set button rather than having to buy say a change token was what I was thinking originally. Thank u for ur input

That is a fantastic idea! I think the concept of looking at the situation from the other way around is great! Rather than come up with something that will cost u… just set 4⭐️ and 5⭐️ as auto locked. Great ideas everyone. Thank u. I hope the staff took the time to read ur thoughts like I have. Appreciate it. Thanks to all of u

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Sell a recovery token pack in the store - 1000 gems

Pops up a list of last x00 items fed , click to recover

Give away 3 at launch.

Although a lot of great ideas it feels like most are too cumbersome for dealing with a rare problem.

Best solution IMO when feeding:

  • 3*s - leave current pop up message & press OK
  • 4*s - current pop up message & press OK + press OK on a separate pop up for each 4 star hero (which would include their name or perhaps even their picture if possible)
  • 5*'s - same as pop ups for 4*s but in addition lock at acquisition as per @zephyr1’s suggestion

Simple and efficient. Love it! All the ideas r good. Really. I appreciate the input. I know it’s rare but then again shame is not part of this guys game… I will admit dumb mistakes without hesitation. There really r a couple 3​:star:s that do look a lot like 4​:star:s. And even some 2​:star:s too. So yes I know to and do lock great pulls instantly 99% of the time but I was as I said half watching some great anime and having my nightly :tumbler_glass: somwith the happiness of Wu I just jumped right in and then was like AAAHHHHHH! Anyway I really do like the last idea. It’s one xtra pop up box. That would b enough to draw my attention except for possibly during the last 2 episodes of Bebop which I always need to watch like every few months. Best anime… no… show EVER. Evangelion though close second. Anyway much thanks for helping and the input. Cool Cowboy Bebop pic for all since it’s just awesome and why the hell not?!

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Hello! My first post and my first ideea for un update. I’m sure most of us we used some of the 3,4 star heroes to feed others and we might change our mind later. You can implement an UNDO button for an amount of gems. Like 50 per undo or something like that. It will be nice even if we are asked first for the 3 star all ready. Tell your thoughts. Thanks!

Было бы здорово если бы разработчики добавили шанс вытащить полностью прокаченого героя. С шансом, например как на героя месяца. Только этот шанс распространялся и на обычный призыв. Прикольно было бы вытащить 1*на фул.

I totally agree! I have muscular dystrophy and accidentally fed my 5* hero of the month while trying to to lock it. I only had one and now its not one ill be able to get back cause it was hotm. I contacted the developers but it was no use. Bothers me so much I don’t even wanna play anymore.

Yes agree … also think maybe a penalty. Like say get back a dblade and tome with the 4*mat only get 4/6 back in return for a reset of AM

I like the idea of an undo for just about anything as long as its within a 15 minute period, you haven’t navigated away from the heroes screen, and you haven’t done anything since your mistake. I have a few times accidentally lost gems because I clicked a little too fast on the level or ascend hero, and I was short on iron or food, and the “use gems?” dialog box lines up in the same click zone. So a quick double click can unintentionally screw you out of gems, and I think THAT should be undoable too.

Put an item in the store to recover a hero or troop.

Price it so its not misused

Personally — don’t really care why those pixels are important to you;

Maybe you have fond memories of treating Aife like Reek — or you fed Gravemaker is some misguided drunken protest against the RNG Illuminati


There’s no trading … would cut down on tickets and remove any subjective interpretation … plus as the game matures there’s some stuff that’s pretty close to irreplaceable

if it’s on the list — x00 gems gets it back

So I saw the accidentally buildings upgrade was merged to this thread… but I don’t think it’s quite the same thing (similar). Obviously I’m commenting bc I JUST did it- I meant to convert a building to Alchemy Lab (I was actually just switching which building!) and instead upgraded a very unnecessary forge (already have multiple fully upgraded, don’t need more)- and have to wait 3 days.

Big difference- why not just give us a “are you sure” message like what already exists with feeding 3* and higher heroes? Say, if the building needs longer than 1-2 days to upgrade? I don’t think most of us will complain on an extra click that infrequently for the benefit of the added precaution (although of course you will always have complainers…).

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