Ability to reverse/undo an accidental feeding of a hero

So people make mistakes and this morning I made a HUGE one. I LITERALLY just picked up Wu Kong in a 10 token drop which I had been saving up for and when I was leveling up people he was right next to the other character that looks just like him… Hu something or another… and I used a 4 star as a flippin booster instead of the 2 star I created in training camp. There should b a way to within the first hour of a leveling up that u can decide to reverse. I mean I caught it almost right away but it could have been a little later when I noticed. Anyway I’m just saying this really sucks and now I can only say I finally got Wu Kong but only for 1 minute. Maybe less. Anyway that’s my idea. Or have tech support b able to reverse the move if u want instead. It’s obvious u can track r moves. I mean everything is tracked now a days. So please think about it.

I will admit that I have done that myself, when first playing, and didn’t really understand a lot of these things/…so I totally understand your dismay when you realized what happened!

That being said, There is a pop-up that appears any time you try to use a 3* or higher hero as a feeder, that says you are about to use a higher level hero, and asks if you are sure you want to do this…That is your chance to do a quick double-check and make sure there aren’t any heroes you may have mistakenly highlighted.


Also a lock feature to “favorite” any hero or troop you wanna keep already exists as well


Help, I fed Guin to Kenjiro :hushed:
Should have been vice versa…


I know. It was just being bone headed and that pop-up does include 3 stars too and I was using a 3 star along with the trained character to get my healer to 60. Since Wu wasn’t brand new he really didn’t have the super jump up power of leveling up u would think but I understand it was totally MY fault. I just wish we had an option to reverse any change to a character for day even an hour. A simple reverse button. But wow was that a way to feel really dumb! And angry too I might add. :rage:

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That would have been smart for me to do but I was gonna do that right after I finished leveling him up too. I use the lock on all my 5s and 4s. Just had a moment like we all do. This though should b a mistake made that can b fixed rather easily. If there can b a red token to re-set hero mode then they can make one for when we all make that dumb unexplainable mistake.

I’m not against the idea. As long as there is some kind of time constraints.

Ascension mats should be irreversible and eating heros should be irreversible if it’s been over 24 hrs(maybe even less, idk)

As long as it can’t be tactfully used as an advantage then it makes sense

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Totally agree. I was actually thinking like a pop up after the leveling up that says something like “You now have 1 hour before this is final. Please correct any mistake before then.” Anything to that effect. But I agree 100%. People would use it in a devious way. I appreciate ur opinion too. I hope others chime in yah or nay. Have a good one Rigs.

The idea is great as I am sure we have all made those mistakes once or twice.

As for the message, a simple ( you have 1hr to reverse this action ) should be fine.

When it happened to me I since then make sure I lock heros first before leveling anything, never been an issue since.


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Couldn’t that be misused in wars?
One could use the same feeders and perhaps even mats for multiple heroes several times.
Okay, usability would be quite bad, but it would be possible.


Good point! I didn’t think about that…someone with lower level heroes could power them up, then undo it and use the same heroes to level up a hero they haven’t used yet. So yes, I agree that could certainly be misused!

Would have to have something built in to prevent that…sounds like a lot of potential issues to change something that already has some safeguards in place, such as the “are you sure?” pop-up and the lock feature.

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Not really, if it had a time factor like 1hr or even 15 mins is all you need to correct any mistakes.

In all honestly if you made that kind of mistake your going to realize it straight away not 2hrs later.

I like the idea, but there is a warning system in place already. With anything greater than 3* the system asks you if you are really sure you want to use an ascended hero or high rarity…

On a side note, of course it had to be Wu! You only had him for one minute and you two are already in a love/hate relationship! He just up and split and left you with the tab!! :wink:


Unfortunately, even 15 minutes is more than enough time to attack, take back items and start over on a new hero. Maybe an immediate pop-up that says “you just used so & so heroes to ascend so & so…do you want to make this final?” would prevent that…if you say yes again, it’s irreversible.

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If you mark a 5* to feed to another, there even pops up a second warning, which tells you, that the action can’t be reversed.

If one’s not totally blue or asleep, one could easily avoid stupid feeding.


That’s the kind of pitfalls that concern me

Maybe the solution to this is on the other side of the equation.

What if when you obtained a new 4* or better hero, it were locked by default, or a pop up asked you if you wanted to lock them?

Or if you could lock them right from the Summons/training camp results screen, as @IvyTheTerrible suggested?

Locking by default would inconvenience big summoners who want to eat the unwanted heroes. But I think that could be a decent compromise to prevent accidental feedings.

Making it easier to lock to begin with would likely avert this sort of accident, while still being unobtrusive to big summoners who get a lot of food along the way.

Either way, there’s no risk of abuse of an undo.


Would it work to have accidental feeding as being reversible until the hero you fed them to was used? Removes the misuse for wars etc and the player gains no advantage as they haven’t used the hero?

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If you open the hero page there is a lock in the upper left corner.

I know and i’ve never mistakenly ate a hero. Just addin to the discussion started by the op

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