Ability to re-roll quest chest contents

I am sitting on this forum for a long time being read-only and now can make my own proposal.
As I eventually understand, developers are not going to bring in game things, that can offer a 100% chance of inreasing player’s power for spending money (like buy ascention items, 100% summon rates of epics/legends for 10000 gems etc.), and I think it’s very cool. In course of time, I beleive, such things will be introduced, and that would be a call to drop a game (just kidding(no)).
I propose to put into game the thing, that, in my opinion, correlates a lot with developers strategy and will be a favor to players who spend money and “wait long for receiving nice items”.
An ability to re-roll quest chest contents. For gems, of course.
Idea is simple - after you complete a quest and open a chest, you saw it’s contets and it’s trash (in your opinion). But you know, that this chests can contain better items! But wait so long for recovering energy and completing new quest… And here comes magic (no) button - re-roll content! You press it - and content generates randomly for second time.
Player gains possibility to flutter about content once more, he receives a chance (not 100%) to get better (in his opinion) items, and developers gain some gems (in $ equality) in their wallet. (Quantity of gems not determined by me)
Not a pay-2-win, just receiving some chance (like in every summon in this game) to get something cool.
Thanks for your patience, welcome for discussion.


This is the best idea I have seen in a very long time! Thanks for posting.

Not that much different than using gems to skip wait times on wanted missions except of course you don’t need to fill them again

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No, the first thing is:

  • Don’t need to wait until energy recovery (mostly PVP energy, that needs at least 8 hours recovery to complete quest again);

And the second is what you say - no need to fill bars again.