Ability to purchase specific ascension items

I’m fairly certain that if given the ability to purchase the ascension items necessary, more people would spend some $ on that. I’d be happy to drop $20, $30 every now and then if I were SURE to get the items I needed for the final ascensions for some 4* or final 2 ascensions for some 5*.

Right now, for the colored ascension packs,you’re spending 600 gems (roughly $7.50) and MAYBE getting a single 3 or 4 star ascension item. sometimes none. I’d happily pay $1-3 EACH if I could choose the one I needed and was 100% sure I’d get them.

I’m fairly certain lots of other players are in the same boat - we’d spend a more moderate amount consistently since we’d be guaranteed what we needed to progress and have fun, rather than spending a ton more for very little worth having. The reward/ isn’t there right now.

Just my two cents…

PS I was thinking about buying some gems to do a 10x elemental summon, then thought, oh wait, it will be three years before I can level them, I’ll just wait and see what the devs do.


Until the system gets a decent overhaul, then yes wait. Spending money would do nothing if the system hasn’t improved.

If stuff where that cheap and easy to get we would have thousands of players with 5x80 heroes.

Now what is the fun in that? Isn’t every game more about the journey there, than the goal. If you can reach the end with a little spending and little time, where would the fun be? Also how would they make any money?

I have had 3 heroes stuck for quite awhile needing certain ascension items and even though I regularly score an a or do the chests I can never get what I need. Can there be a better way to get ascension items rather then buy maybe trading with other members on your team or being able to have an option to pick a chest before battling.

While I like your idea, I think it would shift the game firmly into the Pay2Win model, and I’m not a fan of that.

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In my opinion, as hard as it is to wait for ascension items, patience and working for them makes more sense. Once people max things out what is there? Turnover would be very high in this game, in addition to a lack of free to play folks to flesh out the numbers.

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It’s firmly in the pay2win already.

@coppersky - the current drip-drip is too slow. At the rate I’m getting them, it will take me a month or two, just to get what I need to ascend one of my 4*'s the final ascension (I have 5 of them). same for my single 5* sitting on Tier 2 needing 2 more ascensions. I can tell you if it takes that long, I will probably go elsewhere. This is just a mobile game. It shouldn’t cost more cash to advance your team that purchasing all the Elder Scrolls games right when they came out at retail prices.

I play every day. do all the rare quests when they (infrequently, hopefully less so now) come up, do all the wanted chests to hopefully get to the holy/dark wanted chests sooner. I’m generally the A+ hitter (never less than A) on my alliance (granted it’s lower ranked, only getting 3 and 4* titans). It shouldn’t take that long to make actual progress with my team, it’s just not fun.

As for what to do once your team is max’d out, you can further optimize by adding in other 4 and 5* guys to balance out your team, you can try raiding against the higher rated folks (try raiding a fully ascended 5* team that includes Athena and/or Hel with a bunch of not fully ascended 4 and 5*s). I assume at some point, they will release more content beyond season 1 geared at higher players (though that might be a bad assumption).

My basic point is that it’s supposed to be fun, but if your team is advancing so slow as to be completely negligible, that’s just not fun anymore.

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We definitely need a way to get more Ascension materials. I have 2 five star heroes that I am unable to ascend for lack of materials

That sounds glorious, except for the fact that myself and many others would raid the store and level every hero we ever wanted overnight… I have pretty much every 5* (save 1 or 2) in the game, but lack of mats forces me to go at everyone’s pace, except for those times I actually do buy the “limited time offer” packs and helps expedite the process. I would simply be happy if they upped the drop frequency of mats, say from a seemingly 4 to a 5 or 6. Specially with so many heroes being added regularly. It just blows to have Alasie, Azlar and others just sitting there because I rather spend mats on other heroes. Who knows when I’ll get to them… Yuck !

I agree - I have been trying for months and months to get two traps to level up a 5* hero - I would certainly rather just buy them individually. They were available in arecent flash deal - but it cost over 9000 gems which is like $99 to buy…and I didn’t want all the other stuff…just the traps.