Ability to "Nickname" Heroes

Hi, all. I would like to propose that players have the option to “nickname” their heroes. Let me explain why.

I have two Proteuses. Right now, they are just the same two heroes to me. By giving them nicknames, I essentially set them apart and give them souls and personalities. It just feels more personable that way.

Also, I still have the original Bane and I am currently maxing a second Bane. The original Bane is very special. Without a unique nickname, once the second Bane is maxed, I won’t tell who is who. The original Bane will be lost and that just feels depressing sentimentally. Sure, I could distinguish them by having the original Bane locked; but I do not want to accidentally feed away the second one, either. So all in all, having the option to nickname our heroes adds more fun and life to the game.


What a good idea! And one I don’t think I have seen before in the forum!


Thanks! I just thought of it this morning because my second Bane is almost maxed, and I was like, oh no! I won’t be able to tell who the original Bane is!

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