Ability to launch "Alliance" screen directly from individual's "View Profile >> Player Info" screen


Hi All,
Currently we have two good profile views in the game but kind of disjointed.
(1) We can see an outsider individual player profile by clicking on his name in global chat and “View Profile >> Player Info” screen. In that launched Player Info screen, if one is member of an alliance. then at the bottom there is a separate ALLIANCE box indicating which specific alliance the individual belongs to (i.e. with the logo and name). Good but this does not connect further to anything else from here.

  1. Now if we indeed further want to view the Alliance details/profile of that individual, then we have to come out of chat and go to the “Alliance” icon at the bottom of the empire home screen. Then we have to manually enter the alliance name that we saw earlier and search for it. And then out of the search results, look for the right name and click “View” button which then launches a different Alliance info screen and then view it. Phew. Painful and time consuming switching back and forth between chat and alliance search windows when checking out multiple players.

We can still have #2 for open searches, but can we also request for getting features of #2 somehow combined into #1.
I mean in the “Player Info” screen where they have already provided a separate box indicating which specific alliance the individual belongs to, they should make it a dynamic link such that when we click on the alliance name or alliance logo there, then it directly launches the standard Alliance info screen. It will be wow !!!

I believe this will be very handy when people are looking for alliances to join or checking out leader board rankings etc. The idea is out there now and up for discussion. All thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Thanks :slight_smile:

Allianz über Spieler aufrufen

Great idea! I thought I was the only one who was this nosy. :wink: Still, would be great for people looking for an alliance too, if you see someone post a recruitment text you like, you could just click their profile and then alliance and send a request. :grinning:


I gave this idea to the devs long time ago, but guess it got lost somewhere.


I don’t dislike your idea.

Not so important to me, but i don’t dislike it.


I’m all for a dynamic button; clicking a player’s alliance and being taken straight to it. Would save a lot of time for me.


Thanks Konij / Arien / Elpis / Rook :slight_smile:

So just wondering, what is the next step?
Is there something that we can do to get the attention of SG staff to read this post and maybe hopefully take it up for discussion / consideration of development team or so. Thanks.


For starters, everyone who likes your idea should :heart: it…


Oh ok. I guess then this feature is never going to see light of the day. May it R.I.P lol

Thanks everyone. Goodnight :grinning:


Not so fast. This addition would be very handy for players looking to join alliances (click recruiter, click alliance, see that they have room for me.)

I hearted it, and I hope others will too!


Thanks Rook :grinning: Sorry for the late acknowledgement.

Recently I have seen a few times, different people wish for this feature in Peer Support and Alliance Recruitment tabs of Global Chat. Would be great if they all were here in the forum to show their acceptance too lol.

Maybe we can get some thoughts from the moderators - @Coppersky and @Petri and @RubiKinga
Sorry for the bother and thanks in advance :sunglasses:


I’d like to see this too, but I’m just a moderator, not Small Giant staff like Petri and RubiKinga :slight_smile:
Rook is right though, best thing is to get people to come in here and hit this post with a like or a comment. Small Giant has implemented quite a lot of player suggestions, many of which started in the forum.


Thanks Coppersky. Imho You are an important person for player representation :grinning:. And your compendium is surely the most referred guides in E&P for many players :+1:

+ve or -ve feedback, either way helps lol. So on that note, to start with, as you and Rook are biggies in your own individual alliances, can you spread the word and maybe we can get some chatter on this thread. @Arien you can help too as you have indicated that you requested for the same in the past :facepunch:

Not sure how many are in the forum but I will ask my alliance team too. And soon I guess we will know how many people care to have this simple but very useful feature :grin: Thanks guys.


I’m just going to add to the love on this post. My favorite chat is the Alliance Recuitment board. The fact that I have to bounce out to look up the details on an alliance is a little silly.


Yeah, post a comment and be sure to :heart: the original post! :wink:


Hi @Petri
Thanks to devs for this new feature in v1.9.1 of being able to see “Joined XXXd ago” in Player Info :+1:Shows who the new joinees are and alliance loyalties etc.

Now as we can see that minor modifications or enhancements to PLAYER INFO screen are not off-limits and are being considered & actively explored by SG devs, can I please request you to kindly review this specific thread and maybe take into consideration for next release or so.

The minor feature enhancement requested in this thread is the ability to launch the alliance details screen directly from the bottom part of PLAYER INFO screen as explained in the original post above. I think There is nothing new to be really developed here and mostly it is connecting/binding two existing features in one screen.

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe there are only PROs and no CONs with this feature. Firstly this will greatly help both the recruiters and joinees in alliance recruitment chat to see then and there for who each are while in the chat, rather than having to step out if it to launch another search window, if you know what I mean.
And I think this will also benefit the friendly people helping in Peer Support Chat to provide suggestions and solutions at times tailored to fit the individual’s alliance members etc.

Excuse me for the long post. I guess I have said enough lol. I would appreciate some thoughts or response, and it is fine either way, even if it is a no no. Sorry for bothering and thanks in advance :grinning:


I totally agree, that would be a very nice benefit…


I registered to this forum just to post that idea, but it’s already here for a long time and I don’t know why it can’t be done. It would probably take about 27 seconds to implement and save a lot more time for players.


I made this suggestion like 6 months ago, but haven’t happened. Shouldn’t be a big issue to implement…


Yay !!! Looks like the SG devs have heard you Arien :grin: Thanks to them and also all who supported this thread/request :+1:
We now have this feature in the latest 1.10 release. Better late than never lol

And when we click VIEW in player info, it launches alliance info as expected :ok_hand:


Thank you Ronin for posting the change! As this idea/request is now in the game, this thread is now closed.