Ability to feed more than 10 heroes at a time

Simple request :
Feed more than 10 heroes at a time to a hero that has its special ability at level 8.

Unlikely to happen due to food costs. Especially with 5* heroes.

We were lucky Classes made the Devs change skill roll for stuck heroes.


I think there’s no point for this. I think 10 is a perfectly good number and there’s no point for keeping a larger array, when you mostly don’t need it

Well. I think 10 is good for 2* or higher. Be nice if 1* counted as 1/2. Then, and only then could u use +10 up2 say 20(if all 1*).

I think he might be agonizing over 5* hero development. Once u get lvl 30 any tier it becomes a slow tedious crawl. I def hate it lol

Yes NDarkNS, what I meant is that after a while, if you have 40 feeders to give to a 5*, instead of doing 4 times 10, you should be able to do 40 in once.
It’s just about gaining a little time

Anyone feel like it would be a quality of life improvement to increase the max number of heros you can use to feed? Still can’t think of a good reason why they limit it at 10…

Food consumption increases I think and benefit decreases with level. So doing 10 at a time is more efficient than 1. I think I saw this in another thread, I did not confirm it myself

Of course I would like it to be increased to 100, that way I can have a 100% guarantee that the skill will level up. :star_struck:

Unfortunately… they impose the limit to make it harder to increase the level of the skill… :neutral_face:

Not at all and far more important and interesting ideas out there.

I can’t figure out how to post my idea. Thought if anyone here likes it, maybe you can. Make Raid Energy Flask an option to buy back into raid Tournament instead of just gems.

@yelnats_24 the original post mentioned heroes with already maxed skills.

Anyway even though probably not hard to implement don’t see a huge benefit for this. Usually when I think I have enough heroes to increase a level I’ll train my hero which is most of the time less than 10 required

If I would need to do more than 10 it isn’t a hassle. So why bother with this?

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You are right…:man_facepalming:t3: thanks for correcting :grin:


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