Ability to collect/claim all your heroes in bulk from the Training Camp instead of clicking OK on each hero that you pull

I would like this and not just for heroes but also for iron and food too. Maybe have somewhere in the tower,

Food: Collect All (1200k)
Iron: Collect All (800k)
Heroes: Collect All (30)


This is a really poor workaround, but it works… Click collect and then exit the game. When you come back in, you’ll have collected as many heroes as you could fit in your roster. Whether or not it’s more efficient depends on the speed of your device.

This would really be a much needed QoL improvement. :slight_smile:

Sorry to resurrect an old post here, but I couldn’t resist…

Our grandparents fought Nazis and Imperials so that we wouldn’t have to press a button 30 times. They put a man on the moon with lesser technology than I have in my phone, don’t tell me they can’t reduce the number of clicks I have to make in a silly game!

But yes, I otherwise agree. We are spoiled and lazy.

Now gimme my stuffs and fix mah game! :grin:

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I’m pretty sure both German and Japanese culture value efficiency more than we do. So as bad as things would have been had we lost the war, I speculate we’d be pressing buttons fewer times, not more. :wink:

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Im from germany and had to click that button several times… Thats even worse…

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Hah! Good point, good point.

Secret admission: I’m a proud Murican, but I prefer Japanese cars

The question is though, would we even have frivolous games like E&P if all societies valued efficiency above all else? Seems to me like mobile phone games themselves are antithetical to workplace efficiency. :grin:


I think Japanese automakers got a bit complacent around 2000-2006 and in the latter naughts were overtaken in consistent reliability and quality by Koreans.

And I don’t know about Germans, but are you really asking me if Japanese would have electronic toys with fun colours and outrageous super powers?

The only difference would be every hero would be part vivica and part Ursena.

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'Tis true, Japanese cars aren’t what they used to be, but I still drive one (was built in 2007 so hopefully those who made it hadn’t gotten too complacent just yet).

Ohh Japanese culture is full of the most ridiculous sorts of toys and media ever! It’s one of the things I love about them. That perfect blend of workplace effort, etiquette, high achieving efficiency, combined with the most absurd costumes and cartoons and game shows (and other things that wouldn’t be appropriate to mention here)… it’s a fascinating dichotomy. :grin:

Yeah, I’ve spent time in Japan. It’s about the closest we in the west will ever get to visiting an alien culture on another planet. Parts of Tokyo feel like 150 years in the future or the set of blade runner.

I got engaged in Kyoto

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It would be nice if you could collect all troops from training camp and not collect by one. Just collect all and thats it. Why waste time on collecting one by one?

Welcome @hyperdoom to the Forum!

Un/ fortunately you are not the first player to request this!

Main one:

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Main reason I don’t play more nowadays is that I know i need to spend hours going through these…

Please also give us a bulk training heroes option as well. Why do I have to spend so much time to collect and train heroes?

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Because 1fst its 314 Heroes… Deal with it… 2nd its extra low cost on food amd troops with thw contra of long time

I have 4 TC running these… you can probably guess how long it’s gonna take going throw all these.

I just want to know why not having bulk collect/level up heroes? Does the game want us to spend most of our time collecting/leveling up or actually playing the game?

Thought I should give some update once in a while.

SG please pretty big please can this be done already.

You HAVE to take all queued heroes one by one until your space is full. You have no option to only take one hero when you have 10 available at any TC with space for more than 1.

Can we please when pressing collect, collect all until space is filled, this tap tap tap tap is really frustrating.

Go to TC, Collect, Filled space with window of heroes like at summons gate multiple 10x or 30x summon, etc

Please guys, it’s an easy fix for a very frustrating game feauture.


Closing this thread as this feature is being implemented in V28 Update: