Ability to Boost/Speed up Farms and Mines (Ham and Iron)

How about adding the ability to speed up the rates of production for Farms and Mines.

In Clash of Clans one of the best uses of gems was to double the rate of production for a mine or elixir collector for 24 hours. It was usually a small amount needed to do the boost.

It was still using gems, but was much cheaper than the option to instantly fill your reserves.

I know many people hate excuses to spend gems, but I think many would use this.

I am hoping for the option to manufacture items in the Forge sans “Special Ingredients”; using only Food and/or Iron, since I have an abundance of those two, but I have little or no of the Special Ingredients.


What do you think about having boosts for ham and iron that let you produce at an accelerated rate.

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You all should create a boost function on the iron and food production. Two ideas on how. One just create a token that can be found or under missions. Other idea is just let people spend gems.

As an fyi, something appears to be in the works. See link below.