Ability to block forum players

Please add a function to block players on the forum. It would be nice to have the ability to not see post and replies of specific users.

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You can
Hit your picture, top right.
Click your little name
Click preferences
Instead of account, go to Users
Ignore/block who you want


Thanks, sorry, I didn’t see that, just what I was looking for.


You are welcome

It is a feature that is, indeed, very much required if you visit the forum daily :rofl:


tenor (5)


That is a lie…I don’t block anyone.

…but now I’m paranoid about whether someone has me blocked.


Your reply does not answer my question. I asked a simple question. Please stick to the topic.

I just blocked myself because I never know what I’m talking about anyway.


Well then, your question already has an answer.

We may close?

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Before we close, maybe you can enlighten me about the reasoning for your earlier reply? It seems unnecessarily spiteful to me. In the same manner that I could just not read anything I do not want to read, why do you feel compelled to reply to a post of a predicament you do not comprehend or share? Can you just not ignore it instead of being rude? Have I done anything to you that deserves this behaviour?

And no, like most people, I at the very least skim read everything in front of my eyes. So blocking out content from forum users I associate with bile is an easier option.

It wasn’t meant to be rude, sorry if you perceived it that way.

For me is simply an unnecessary drastic measure to blocking someone, mainly because if you feel like to not want to read it NOW doesn’t mean it has eventually something not interesting to say in the future.

Shut your ears/eyes because you don’t like someone/something that was said is a way to escape confrontation, which is usually something that (in the end) in a way or another result in something constructive.

If not thanks to the people that you eventually block, for all the others that usually participate in the debate.

So in my eyes you are running away from a dialogue, and as a parent for me is something wrong.

I would rather not engage any confrontation if you not feel like is worth it, but always keep informated, even if from the “sources” you don’t really like.


Waw, cool! The whole forum just for my self! Now I’ll sure get some good answers here :grin::grin::grin:


Thank you Elpis, I really appreciate that.

Definitely gives me something to think about.

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