Abandoned project (closed)

Hello there :wink:

This is an alliance of a bit competitive, experienced adult players who found joy in playing wars a bit differently - by honing skills and strategy, and not relying only on the muscles. We enjoy this game even if we don’t have “top heroes”, and we know / learn how to yield the great results with what we have.

We firmly believe that we don’t need maxed 5stars to enjoy this game and wars, and this is the place for players who don’t want to feel pressure that they’re valued through the heroes they have. We also know that wars can be played without the rush, stress or spending many hours in it, and we’re using ideas from Hazard’s strategy to ensure game-life balance :wink:

We take some things seriously - our offline life, our teammates here in this game, this game and contribution for the team. We respect each other, we respect each other’s time / money / energy invested here and we enjoy all parts of this game. We do not compete against each other, we work together to achieve better scores.

This is an alliance for those who have experience, who want to improve, who don’t have huge firepower, who want to win the wars now and experience approach which is not easy to find.

If you find this project interesting, and you’re not scared of baby titan, let’s talk: https://discord.gg/rsqHMhS

tech conditions: roughly 1800-2200 cups, TP 3200+, decent army ready for the wars


All the best with your venture, Python. I was interested in that thread too. Keen to see your results if it takes off

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Me too :smiley:

Thanks for our short experience :wink:


Let’s get this party started :wink:

Exclusively - 2 star titan… that’s not what you’ve seen in a while, right? :wink:

crazy cat in a box, with a flower

Best of luck, @RedPython. Hope ya find a bunch of like minded players.

Nah, I think this project is dead. It seems that those who come to that firepower point, already have different plans (entering the top 100, not joining the fresh one), so I’ll revisit the idea/plan. Otherwise someone should already express the interest directly.

That pay2win and in general how people perceive this game got me thinking.

@rook: lock this please :wink:

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Best of luck next time! :slight_smile: