Aaron or kionna?

Got to ascend 2 heros and I just scored a tabard and can ascend. Question is which one? Any input is appreciated.

Khiona for me as I would want the element link boost

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I went khiona.

Mainly because 5* buffers aren’t all that common yet or easy to get. Healers are relatively common and rigard can fill the role of aeron in most cases with ease. Just my opinion based on thought process when i went through the same decision.

I’ve used both at 3/70 and either one was relatively useful to me there. So really just boils down to who you think you’ll get the most use out of. My teams are normally 5 attackers, khiona suited me best. You might bring one healer in every team and dont have vivica, so aeron might suit you best.

No right or wrong here and both are worth the mats

Just matter of personal preference based on play style

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Hard to say as they are very different. Aeron is a healer and offers support where as Khiona is an attacker that deals damage. What are your needs?

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It all depends on your Squad. I have Khiona, but I wish I had Aeron because his non-dispellable status cleanse is amazing. Kinda upset that I didn’t try to pull him when he came out.

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Do you have a 5 star healer yet? 5 star strikers are more common than 5 star healers, and if you don’t have a healer yet go Aeron. He is a good healer (even if is HOT can be dispelled) and his immunity is great for events.

If you have the 5 star healer covered, Khiona is a OK to weak striker with a nice buff capability. If you have Wilbur she becomes more valuable. I gave her the nod only because I didn’t have any other purple 5 star striker, and she is OK to good.


I have rigard and vivica. Pretty stacked team. Think I will get more use out of kionna… thank u

Def pairing with wilber. Gonna try them together. Also have the shark . Forgot his name, but more specific hero

I think you are talking Mok. Don’t have him yet, but he sounds interesting.

Yes mok-air. Gonna go with Kionna then Aaron then mok-air…

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