A way to please a little bit with the titan booty

There are 2 common complaints that I read a lot and to which I join, both here in the forum and day by day in my alliance. One of them is the titan’s chest, the difficulty of filling it up increases the expectations in relation to getting something good from it, and that often creates frustration because you find the same as a chest of monsters that you open several times in a day. And the second, a very discussed topic in this forum and lately and quite often in my alliance, also creating a bad environment. There has been a lot of talk about this and it is not worth discussing anymore but in the daily reports of the titans the players left above are seriously tired of not receiving anything while those who do 100k less damage get a tonic or a range etc etc, I’m not going to discuss this, I’m not good enough to tell me that A or A + gets more rolls but since there are more people who get C bla bla bla, to the data from day to day I refer. Having said all this, it occurs to me, how about doing something similar with the titan’s chest than with the war’s? What in this case would not be in relation to participation, if not performance, every titan you kill in relation to your position, A +, A etc etc, gives you some points and in relation to the total score when opening it You will get better rewards. The idea is to keep people motivated, right now we are facing a big demotivation, they do not get anything in the alliance and also they feel that the effort is not valued, to give a titan is not only 1min30 ", it is also the effort of having got the right heroes, to have grinded day after day to make objects, do not kill the illusion, give it to them! I hope you think it’s a good idea.

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