A way to earn Atlantis Coins – New Quests

I like that idea a lot, you should make it it’s own thread. I think has potential because a lot of people that would be able to have all the maxed storages to upgrade to TC21 most likely have completed S2 Normal and probably hard mode.

I like your idea.

I disagree with S2 masquerade though. Strongly dislike that obtaining desired costumes is based on luck.

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Or to elemental portals. Anyone pulls from there? They are kind of useless now

@SamMe As I only pulled 2x 5*, 2x 4* S2 heroes I would take my chances in S2 masquerade, or a TC21. My S3 pulls are not much better.

@F170Ian I don’t have any S2 5*. I’m not in love with costumes. First, you have to be lucky to even get the costume you want in first place. Second, costume itself is more levelling work (Idrc about the extra food and mats needed). Third, original hero without costume gets even more behind. Just my 2c.

To be clear, I’d be in favour of a tc21 as you suggested. No costumes for S2 heroes please.

A quest that pops up like trials except it’s atlantis related. Beating them earns you coins and whatever else seems fit.

Everything in this game is based on luck though. Why should this be any different?

If everything was based on luck they wouldn’t have quests that show you what is possible to obtain.

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@Guvnor @Staff_SGG is this subject another in the pile of no action required ???

@JonahTheBard the facts are plane to see no replies from anyone on this thread from SG or moderaters like many other threads I read on this forums an acknowledgment would be nice. This is what I call the deaf and dumb response

I do like the idea and I struggle to get my 100 coins for a single pull too.

I’m afraid my acknowledgement would be rather hollow, as I said, we lobby for players on a daily basis but we are just players too - I can’t tell SG what to implement.

You’re welcome to check the records of all the moderators for the thousands of times we’ve spoken up for new ideas, but I’m not going to post on every thread.

But you are not the only moderator and without some kind of response from anyone then I feel it has received the d&d treatment and filed in the waste paper basket. If you like the idea please bring it up with the devs and see if this could be introduced

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Ok, deal, I’ll raise it on Monday

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Thank you very much good luck

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@Chaz092608 here is the October thread

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