A way to earn Atlantis Coins – New Quests

This is a bit premature, but I thought I post it before I forget.

After all Season 2 stages have been released (which should be end of march 2019), there’s no way to get coins aside from chests. The 2019 seak peek hasn’t mentioned if SG has plans for this, so i’m going to post my own idea.

“Collect coins” quests (I & II) similar to the “collect gems” quests. Even though i’m not a big fan of the new mechanics, the quest could have a stage effect like “poison mist” or “underwater” to make it more interesting.
Storywise it could go “raid ruins in the jungle/swamp” (-> poison mist) and “search an underwater cave for secret treasure” (->underwater)

I would even prefer this type of quest to come sooner than after the end of Season 2.

Any intermediate or advanced player would appreciate some extra Atlantis coins and would most probably trade quite a lot of the current quests (harvest food, mine iron, scavenge resources, find crafting/battle items 1 etc.) for truly useful quests like one for Atlantis coins or more gem quests (maybe a rare “tier III”).

Oh, and I like your idea of including the Atlantis game mechanics in the quests. If the difficultly level is appropriate, they would be quite fun to play :+1:


It will be good to have a same two quest as for the gems.


I don’t know if someone has got already this idea but I think it could be great if one daily mission would give you Atlantis coins. Atlantis coins are difficult to get if you have finished season two and don’t want to spend real money! Missions difficult would be something between uncommon and rare missions. Good luck everyone!


I really like this idea! I think this would be very beneficial!


Apart from emblem and ascension material quests, most quests are directed mostly at beginners. I think it is high time that quests get a general revamp to make all types useful to all players.

More advanced players do not care for small healing potions or a few thousand food anymore. I think that there a generally two possibilites:

  • Introduce a new “Find Atlantis coins” quest

  • Introduce new difficulty levels to existing quests and putting Atlantis Coins as reward

I personally would prefer the latter. A “Scavenge Resources / Food / Iron III”, for instance, would also help people who struggle with food and iron for advanced buildings, Hunter Lodge (and in the future Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy which will probably consume shedloads of food and iron as well)
If the last stage of “Scavenge Resources II” or III contained some Atlantis Coins instead of the Silver Token, that would be awesome.


I haven’t tried so I don’t know, but if you used loot tickets to replay Atlantis stages does it drop 5 Atlantis coins for hard mode or not? Also thinking along those lines, wouldn’t it be beneficial to use loot tickets during the Atlantis Rises event if that was the case? I am down with harder daily quests though.

Replaying atlantis stages only drops coins during the atlantis rises event. Replaying hard mode in other times does nothing.

And the drop during the event isn’t guaranteed. It depends on how many special enemies spawn during that stage. So sometimes you spend all your World energy on Atlantis stages during the event and only get a handful of coins.

Quests with an guaranteed drop rate would be better.


Got it, thanks for the clarification!

While I like the option to add Atlantis Heroes to the main summon, what about simply including a quest in the standard rotation that includes Atlantis coins as a reward, similar to the ones that provide gems?

There’s only so much grinding of Atlantis one wants to do to find Orichalcum seahorses; an occasional quest (perhaps coinciding with Atlantis Rising), or even an event, where Atlantis coins are a reward would help once you’ve finished both tracks of season 2.


Atlantis Coins are already given as a possible rewards in the various chests as well as mystic visions

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Then that just ruins Atlantis! The most thang people look forward too!
It take all the fun away from it.

Yeah, it could be an event during Atlantis Rises, with stages of Atlantis bosses and such. I would definitely complete all stages if they gave away 4-6-8 coins like class trials.

Now that the game has switched to Valhalla coins for Mystic vision and chest rewards, having an Atlantis coin quest event is even more beneficial. I would definitely use world energy to get Atlantis coins!

One Atlantis pull after completion and i’d call it a day. This is so little, there is no need to be stingy.

I agree with most od the ideas, now when i finished all hard levels in atlantis thera are no ways to earn coins for sure when you finish some level or task or quest. only if you are lucky to get them.

Getting atlantis tokens is impossible after beating easy and hard. Make a new way to get them without paying.

Would be nice if on challenge event’s instead of being able to pull S1 and event heroes, they changed it to S2 and event heroes, i would buy more tokens if that was the case.


Would also like to have a S2 masquerade and a training camp 21 where you could get S2 3*, 4*, 5*, heroes like TC20 but for S2 heroes only

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That’s a great idea.

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