A way to communicate with people in another alliance

There are many dead alliances with 30 members, where you see one or two ppl who are active. They are not the leader or a co-lead. So they cant kick ppl and restart the group. As for me it took time before i realised about the global chat and everything, so i am sure some ppl are stuck.

this is an dead alliance. Where one person is active. Wouldnt it to be great to be able to send a messege to the alliance that everyone can read and tell that person there are active groups out there? Since it could be missused, leaders should be able to block individuals from sending messeges, or have it as a group feature where you in the settings can activate reciving messeges or turn it off. If you make this feature, it should start as active as dead groups wont turn it off or on.

It’s a crying shame. There are so many one person shows who would be assets to any alliance.

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Yes i look a few times a week and you find dead groups with 30 members and one active or two. Would be great to be able to send them a messege that there are active groups to join.

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