A way to "buy" battle items you can't make in the Forge

I noticed a lot of our battle items we can recieve as loot or “prizes” and we are limited on what we can make in the Forge. What if there was a way we could “buy” them with Gems in the shop somehow?

Can you give an example, please? So far it sounds strange to me, as all the battle items from minor healing potion to a Tornado and a Miracle scroll can be crafted in a Forge, provided you have required materials. Also low level battle items can be purchased in a game shop. There is a special tab “battle items” for that.

There are occasional offers in the Shop to buy bundles of battle items. You can also always buy some battle items in the Shop.

I’ve looked in the Forge that I have and I dont have the Tornado Icon unless the Forge can upgrade higher than 20? I understand certain items you can achieve through buying a bundle but what if you’re only looking for a certain item?

Forge definitely crafts tornados at level 19

And if we make these items easily bought, it would push the game even further to pay 2 win and less play 2 win. Players wouldnt farm to craft these specific items. They’d just buy them. Personally i dont think any battle items should be able to be bought but that’s just 1 guy’s opinion.

For some reason mine doesn’t show that… Do they appear once you upgrade to certain levels? I’ll try to screen shot to show what I have showing.

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Dont remember i have 1 at lvl 12 and i can look there and see

Yea it skips levels until you get to them. Idk why it does that. Probably to confuse players and increase visitors to the forum. Only reason i can think of.

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OH I SEE NOW! I’m sorry guys I didnt realize the small line that separates what you currently have to what will show later… -------- ok so what about resources? Can you only achieve them through battles and buying bundles?

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Resources you earn through your stronghold and gameplay. That’s why when leveling your stronghold, in my opinion, it’s best to keep your farms and mines the same level as your stronghold. Always keep getting the most resources you can. If you hit a wall that you can’t spend resources, you’re missing something. Always something to improve, upgrade, or craft in this game.

So your ingredients and your Ascension materials you’re not able to buy you have to either find them in battles or bundles correct?

Ingredients you typically farm, since if you could buy them then there would be no reason to:

A) buy items in the store
B) farm

Ascension mats we have rare quests about 3 times a month, every 10 basically, and you can get rare ascension mats from those. As well as buy them in special offers when they come around which will be frequently this month even if i absolutely hate that they do that lol.

They do have small RNG mat packs in the game store, but i woudlnt advise. One guy spent 3 grand on the game in 2 months, part of it went to buying every one of those available, still couldnt max a 5*.

Probably one of the biggest ripoffs in the game and shouldnt even be offered as it just coaxes new players into thinking they can buy mats and then pretty much taking their money and laughing.

Mats are earned through gameplay in other areas as well:

-mystic vision
-events once a month

The more you play, the more chances of getting mats. Doesnt always mean you get more mats, but not trying definitely wont get more mats.

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Holy cow obviously you’ve been playing this game for a while! Thank you very much for the information and I guarantee it’ll help me further along in the game. @Rigs you have been a great help. :kissing_heart:

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Anytime always happy to help

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