A warning to the community

No worries! I hadn’t seen the original post, thank you for pointing it out.

I’m a fan of @Grumpigamer myself. :grin:

Well… we were warned :joy:
Wonderful post thanks for sharing your emotions.

So you are the one who sends the sole piece of fan mail I get each month. I am considering starting a club for all my fans, it may be a bit quiet with just the 2 of us but at least the admin shouldn’t take long


Aw, c’mon, I can’t be your only fan.

I have at least a dozen fans myself. I think…

I don’t know for sure, I’m no longer allowed to receive fan mail after a couple of my “fans” tried to mail me letter bombs and anthrax…


Good question. It didn’t exist 600 days ago?


It made a lot more sense to me after I did too. :frowning_face:

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The crazy thing is… people here do the maths, keep spreadsheets, and they come out and say “it will take you 457 days to accomplish this”

Those who had done the maths themselves will balk… :open_mouth:

457 days? That’s crazy!!!

Sad reality is… when they do those maths… what they really mean is…

It will take you 457 days to do that… assuming that you play every day and have all the necessary materials to do all of that.

So more realistically, you are probably looking at +100 or so extra days on top of that.


Yep! Rut.

A nice big deep one.


I an new to form. I have been charged 3 x what was advertised on one of the specials on the in game purchase. its not the first time…any clue how i get hold of someone who cares?

Itunes dispute raised and they refunded me R59.99 which is what should have been charged…but I was actually charged R199.99

I cant find anyone who actuallys gives a dam!

Please help

That’s not good at all. FYI the forum users are players of E&P just like you. Try contacting SG direct. GL.

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I have spent thousands on this game. Yes, I am at fault for not trying, understanding or how to fight or level up.
It shouldn’t be that hard. This company has taken and taken thousands of dollars from us beginners that just wanted to learn the game.
It’s a disgusting greed. I continue to play but will never pay one more dollar to a greedy company. It’s time something is written up on this small giants games. Or whatever they are called. I played for fun. Now I look back at my bank account and shake my head because I was such a fool for spending so much money.
Karma is a ■■■■■. And for how they have neglected to take care of the players that have spent so much is disturbing.


And when is the next Stronghold release?

For this one this should be a joke. I’ve heard about Zinga before they acquire Stingy Giant. Their reputation was aligned with what I saw today, stingy, too expensive, never listen to community. Do you think really that people will try another Zinga game after this demonstration?


Being a new player, you have no idea that EnP is a Zynga game; and most likely this is the same with other games too.

Maybe you have no idea that the other game you are playing is 51% Zynga one too.

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Well, you my friend @Razor will be missed :sob:. Sad, sad news.

I’ve tagged you in multiple threads thanking you for your hard work, and am always baffled at how you managed to keep abreast of all the new hero information and the many initiatives you instigated. I’ve figured it out - You must be a robot :wink:.

Seriously now, I wish you continued success in future endeavours. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your service to the E&Peepers. I for one have really appreciated it.

Take care.


Your presence has always been heavy and inspiring!

You ARE a Titan!

Those screenshot texts were so magnanimous and also
painful in their truths…

If only the grind had something new to offer. But each each day is the same and the diamonds in the rough…was finding players like you!

Dude… I bought the land! I go to build my cabin soon! After you exit this grind, do not be enslaved to another!
Be a Titan through a more meaningful and lasting form!

I will miss you…


You will not be forgotten, farewell and take care @Razor!


Good Luck, Razor. You gave a lot to this community, and sad to see you walk away feeling it’s been ungrateful.

It is extremely disappointing that with all the profit made from this game, no support goes to content creators, contributors, forum moderators and all those that care enough to share their knowledge and spend their time by providing to the community what SG should provide in the first place in their paid working hours. You all deserve better. I hope at least indirectly this gave you something so the time spent is not completely voided.


I spend i guess about 100 US Dollars a week on this game(maybe) i don’t keep track. But I agree that SG is ( as I term it) money grubbing us players to death. I want them to know there’s other games and other things to do besides this game. I started playing this game because my wife and son were playing and I thought it would give us something to do together.( I WAS WRONG). I’ve been threatening to quit for more than a year now. As far as other games go. I’m gonna go try one, and see how it shakes out. Or I could work on my model railroad or( and this is a lot more fun) I could go up on Fulton Industrial Blvd in Atlanta and chase whores. Warfrat

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$100 US per week? That is well over my biggest spend in one month last year (~$90AUD) and I felt sick about it after. But I’m not a natural gambler. There is almost no opportunity for instant gratification in this game.

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