A warning to the community

To elaborate on that…what do SGG think we will get from the Hero Academy that the beta testers aren’t telling them?? If you beta pool is saying it doesn’t work it feel beyond foolish to ignore them???


It was always both a great game and a continual cash grab. Always.

Small Giant have not changed. It’s just that their true intentions are coming to light in a more obvious way.


I railed against the original Alchemy Lab, and have railed against the updated version, as well as Hero Academy.

I also flat out told them not to release these versions, and that the community reaction is likely to be very negative.

@Guvnor‘s most polite feedback possible had to have the swears censored out by the Forum software.

Moderators are certainly not apologizing for nor defending these bad design decisions.

Some of us have strong opinions on them like many other players do.


Thought I had managed to get all the swearing outta it :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe me; if there was one or two left in there, the original draft had WAYYYY more…


This is a pretty direct question but are the mods who are also beta testers thinking of throwing in the towel?

I wouldn’t blame you or them.

I suspect that no matter how bad it gets I will still be around because I want to see what happens at the very end… (I have been waiting for a reckoning)


I won’t speak for others, but I’m seriously considering leaving the game.

At the least, I’m reducing, per: 🕵 Act Casual – How do you go from being a very active player to somewhat casual?


You have to do what is right for you, thanks for your honest answer. Let’s see what happens with the final version and how this all plays out.


Anything to offer the community as far as a response @Petri ?


Everything seems to be happening so fast here right now.

It would seem we are on the cusp with this game. I don’t know if it’s because the game has gotten too big for the small team at SGG to properly manage, or if there is a conflict in direction from Zynga, or if the main focus has shifted to that new game they have.

Personally I would be extremely disheartened if @zephyr1 left the game (and the forum), but I can understand where he is coming from. There has not really been a lot of new content added lately that has really spurred my interest. Closest maybe is Costume Chamber but only because it dangles a small carrot of buffing my S1 4*'s.

The game has added a lot of tedious content IMHO.


I just can’t like this comment :sob::sob:. This is indeed a depressing thread.

When Beta testers who volunteer their time and efforts to make suggestions to improve the game, begin to get fed up… Is it any wonder we had the “Telly” fiasco in the first place? :confounded: What is next?!

This is so true, the player guides, @Razor initiatives, data collected on titan loot, elemental chest loot, war loot, information on new heros, event, tournament and trials information (thank you @zephyr1 & @Guvnor,) etc etc, are also provided on the forum by players.

So why, why, why are players not being listened to? :sob::sob:


All the mods (bar JB) are beta testers (not that he wasn’t offered, just didn’t want another time sink).

Personally I’m not thinking of tossing the towel in COMPLETELY yet… but the current version of HA & “improved” AL are seriously a dampner on the outlook for the game IMO… Already have been splitting time between EP & another mobile game… That split is likely to start skewing more in the other direction

It’s not just the lack of interest / usefulness of AL & HA to me personally but it’s also on a deeper level that the devs / game designers seem to be doing their own thing & putting it in Beta for “feedback” is more of a formality / box checking exercise… Mostly we just seem to be being ignored without any real communication back as to why the feedback hasn’t been taken on board…


This thread is not of easy asimilation.
I can accept all those threads from people that i dont know leaving the game . I think to myself . They have been playing for years and they need a fresh air .
I can accept people going against the low odds, getting angry for a nerf or even understand the last situation around Telluria .

But what i have read here has been too much for me , like a break point ! .

I will not quit the game yet but certainly i will go totally F2P until i dont see devs really care about community and game future income. I wont toss my money into something that doesnt have future or something that has clearly started to die , and quickly.

Thanks for sharing your concerns.

@zephyr1 @Guvnor @RandaPandah @Grumpigamer

I consider you well worthy people who speak with the heart so im worried now because i dedicate lot of time and money in this game and trust the well intentions of Devs (yes , is their business, they want to earn money but at what cost/point?)


It’s kind of you to keep this hope up but I think we’re all better off not making this assumption


Thats why i prefer to be cautelouss , i used to think that they listened to players feedback and then alongside with beta testers they work in post of balancing their profit and player trust rewarding players efforts(time and money ) with a long and fresh game life.

But what people are saying here is literally popping out my bubble. I suppose at least i can use my money better in other things and anyways , for the moment i can still be enjoying the game and seeing as it evolves . As it seems now, it is quickly debacling if Devs dont do something relevant to change it .


I was already getting pretty burned out on this game for the past year, and the latest iterations of AL and HA aren’t going to really do anything to improve that. The game is starting to feel more like obligation than recreation with the sheer number of daily/weekly/monthly activities it now contains.

Every game has a shelf life, and for me I think it’s coming up soon, HA or no HA.


My question is, there is ole Petri? If he is an actual employee, why doesn’t he speak up? I have not spent any money on this game for awhile. I was always spending money on every event in hopes for a new 5s hero. Thanks to the devs, my bank account is looking better. At least when I’m gambling in Vegas, I get free drinks for blowing money. Only thing I get for blowing money in this game is dawa.


And this is probably why they won’t bother with improving the HA? “People are going to leave anyway”


I’ve already curtailed my activity and spending on this game literally 100%. I usually spend close to $20 - $70 a WEEK on this game for over a year. I also would spend an average of 4 hours a day logging in, working on s2 levels, normal and hard, etc. I also paid for and completed both of the last POV challenges 100%.

Since the telluria nerf, I’ve spent maybe $50 total over the past 2 to 4 weeks, I barely check into the game once or twice a day. I routinely leave a max amount of raid flags, and world flags for days at a time. This PoV, I’m not going to spend the $10 to get the pass, I let my VIP status drop for the first time in 2 years, I left my alliance for now because I’m going through some personal things, but to be quite honest, I also havent felt like logging into the game to hit titans and I only participated in enough wars to make PoV points.

I never participate in the tournaments, I dont care how many trophies I have, or if I’m platinum or diamond rank. I havent even cared to work on season 3 levels barely at all.

And now, with all the stuff I read on here, the die hard players dropping like flies, beta testers literally on the verge of quitting forever and mentioning how they are largely ignored, I have even less desire to spend any time or money into this game anymore.

Truly depressing since I spent so much time and money on a game i enjoyed so much and a community i was excited to be a part of.

C’est la vie.


Any peek behind the curtain will embarrassingly reveal that they have no idea what’s going on and are completely out of touch with the game they created. Not an uncommon scenario in game development. The best approach is to just remain silent and hope the negative feedback burns itself out, or that the fed up players leave and new naive players come in.

With respect, it sounds like you are leaning more towards game addiction end of the spectrum than merely a hobbyist. I can’t even imagine playing this game to the degree with you describe in your thread about going casual PLUS moderating here. That is an absurd amount of commitment to a mobile match three game. I doubt anyone here will give you such candid advice, but you might want to step back and reevaluate – even if the Devs were perfectly straight with the community. Addiction comes in many forms and it’s rare to have someone tell you directly how destructive it can be.

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Opportunity cost is a real thing. Sunk cost fallacy is a real thing. Addiction is a real thing.

Good luck to you, sincerely.


Yeah, this whole game is embarrassing. You can’t polish a turd into a diamond, but what they had going would have been a diamond, but they turned it into a bigger pile of ■■■■. Hope petri has a B plan

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