A warning to the community

Good afternoon wonderful community.

I wish to provide all players a firm warning that there is no real benefit in progressing beyond SH20. The only buildings that provide true benefit after SH20 are the advanced farms, mines and house.

This month beta testers have been pulling their hair out testing a revised Alchemy lab (which has been loathed since its release) which the majority of testers believe to actually be worse than the current iteration.

They have also been testing the much anticipated Hero Academy. The place that will take you over 600 days of play to be able to use its final level! This has caused major disappointment with many testers even though great feedback and ideas has been provided the community out voices have not been heard by SG.

The hunters lodge is a building that has little use. The only item that has regular use by the community is in the process of being “Balanced” so there will be no reason to build the lodge or throw poons going forward.

My advice to all players new and old is to ensure you ration your spending, do not collect piles of dupes that will never be used. Do not aim to be the best by buying summons unless you are willing to accept that you are going to just have expensive food that really has no use.

If they truly roll out V30 in its current format I do believe this community will loose even more well known names and players as we give up hope of what was once a great game being nothing more than a continual cash grab

I have requested my beta access be removed as I will not be part of this pointless exercise going forward.


Thanks for posting this @Grumpigamer

Part of me wishes all the beta players would resign with no new applicants because currently we’re going through a cycle where laymen players on the forum can tell if content sucks by reading patch/beta beat notes and then beta players are simply verifying those sentiments by playing/using the trash features and saying “yeah, you can read well…this feature sucks just like it sounds”.

Thanks for trying to be a part of the change for as long as you did. Your efforts are appreciated by the most rational of your peers who understand that you’re being setup as scapegoats for the developers not inclined to respond to critical feedback.

Some of the best elements of this game are player driven content: Barry’s Farming Guide, Line channels with support, Line & discord channels for alliance communications, alliance families.


I feel like we are hitting a breaking point. Many of the long time players that I’m closest to have similar sentiments.

As I’ve lessened my time in game I feel less and less compulsion to be in the game. I wish you the best @Grumpigamer, and hope you continue to find joy in the game. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the community.


I am just one voice, and my money won’t make a difference but I will not be spending for the foreseeable future.

As a player, as a beta tester, and as a gamer in general, I am very disappointed with SG and the way they have handled the game. Beta testing has made me feel more hopeless, as it is apparent that tester voices are only listened to on a very superficial level. If i could go through and show you every time we, as a community, were asked for input and then largely ignored i would.

I’ve spent almost 3 years playing this game, and would gladly play 3 more, but there is exactly zero return on investment into a system that doesn’t work for the players.

I hope change comes, but my faith in leadership here doesn’t lead me to believe it will.


There are alot of great things about this game.

You will enjoy them a great deal more if you ignore all of the “upgrades” after SH20.

All of these features are designed to suck up all your resources and give you little but empty promises in return for your investment.

Its all smoke and mirrors.


I fully agree. I was excited to join beta at first. I loved the idea of being able to help evaluate new content for utility, balance, and bugs. Now I feel like I, and the other beta testers, have been not just ignored, but slapped across the face, spat on, and told I should be grateful for it.

I’m not even excited for the rest of Valhalla. I don’t plan to build HA at this point, and wish I hadn’t wasted resources building AL.

I’m looking for another game.


Truer words never been spoken.

I’d like some statistics made public so that we can play the game as efficient as we’d like. Much more appealing to me than ToL actually.


This is sad news. On the bright side, maybe the song “… and now, the time is near…” will be made a practical one in my gaming experience here. That way, i can limit, if not curtail, my time, effort and resources in Empires and Puzzles to other more fruitful and tangible endeavors. I guess it is time to look for something else better. Until version 30 is released, I will know which path to take. It was good while the fun lasted.


I’m a little less grumpy than I have been about the game.
In fact, I think that I’m starting to feel nothing at all about the game.

It’s a thing to do with my son. He enjoys it because it’s something he and I share, and occasionally my daughter chimes in also.

Times change, perspectives change and people get bored and move on.

To this point… I think that’s where I still remain. how I play will change, as my perspective aligns to a refreshingly-chill one. I will build all of the things. No, really, I will. Even the oft-maligned Hero Academy.

How I will I play?

Here is how I plan to build:

  1. I will finish storages
  2. SH25
  3. Extra resource gens (mine, farm)
  4. Hunter’s Lodge. The stuff is expensive, but fun.
  5. Hero Academy.
  6. Alchemy lab

Why? not because I have an overabundance of hope, but because it’s something “to build” or “to complete”

I am also going to do (and have begun) the following:

  1. stopped buying gems or gem deals straight-up. Tavern cured me of that.
  2. Continue to buy POV & VIP
  3. Quit expecting SG to give me what I want and just play what they give
  4. Stop the negativity that I post. It doesn’t help or change anything
  5. Provide honest, even scathing feedback in Beta. (I called Zocc’s first edition ‘rapidly-dissolving toilet paper’)
  6. Continue on the forum as I often do.
  7. Ignore the fact that Empires & Puzzles is dying. (it starts somewhere)

Bottom line? I will play the game. On my terms. And if it folds, it folds. I can’t care more about the game than the developers do.


The actual beta design of AL and HA are a knife into beta testers illusions.

We fight for a better development.

We care for players.

We try.

But we lost.


We tried and we failed.
We don’t want this, but we can’t stop this.

Sorry guys.


Care to elaborate a bit on this? 600 days? What’s that about? Is it 600 days if you start the game from scratch? Or what? I’m SH24 ready for 25 as soon as it is released and then I plan to throw everything into the Academy because I have about 15 S1 5* doubles triples and qvadruples… and I’m still missing a lot of S1 5*…


I agree completely. I just keep upgrading advanced food/iron storages for no real reason, as none of the available buildings add anything to the game for me. I’ll use the Lodge for hurricanes, but getting the titan parts for them are so rare it’s not very relevant anyway. Just upgrading for the sake of upgrading at this point, none of the new buildings have any real use. VERY disappointed hearing about the Hero Academy, seems it will be ruined just like the Alchemy Lab was.


This, as an f2p. buildings upgraded back to back, etc


First of all thanks guys, I respect everyone in beta test because all of you are volunteers to improve game who spend their time and energy.
AL and HA are just illusions to catch newer and inexperienced players to this money pit in my opinion.
With quarantine process most of player base focused on game more and more, result of that we are figured out the real intentions on us.
Personally ı drop my support to game (f2p rulez)
Beta and non-beta players gave and is going to give huge amount of feedback which ignored constantly.
I have SH24 with soon lvl7 third storages, and now i am consider to upgrade to max my houses, farms and mines than storages because there is literally no benefit to rushing build HA.


600 days? as in level 1 to 2 takes a week, 2 to 3 take 3 weeks, and so on, nevermind research time? and add all that up, and that totals 600 days? I guess simply, do you mean…

600 days from when you upgrade SH24 to SH25? or
600 days from the start of playing?


See above


600days of making a great many in game sacrifices in order to do it that fast (you are not upgrading a great many other things)
Doing without alot of the other “stuff” for 600 days… well if thats what floats your boat I supose.
Personally I wouldn’t enjoy playing without a forge or a tc for that long?
I find farms and mines handy on occasion as well…especially to level high level… well anything?


For those wondering where my 600 days came from here are the figures

let’s do the maths.

To build strong hold from level 1 to SH25 is 79 days 14 hours of building
To build all the iron storage to maximum is 199 days
Food storage is another 185 days.
You need to build houses for 57 days
You need a forge or camp at least level 5 for conversion to HA so add a few hours build time.

NOW we can build the great Hero Academy for the next 56 days, plus 2 weeks of research.

This is without the rest of infrastructure. Yes a 2nd builder speeds up the process for those with vip but you are likely to use that builder on farms mines barracks and watchtower


And yes I was sad enough to sit down and work it all out.


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