A War with Two Fronts

Because it is so much fun warring against friends and we seem to be seeing te same Alliances over and over, wouldn’t it be great to have a war with two fronts?

Here is what I mean: The war would consist of 3 Alliances. You still get the same number of flags, but now it’s a race to get to the ‘soft’ teams or in our case the “high point teams.” Let’s say that the war was King of the North (KoTN) vs Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy (Spicy) vs Crystal Palace (CP).

In this scenario, KoTN could attack Defenders on Spicy’s field or on Crystal Palace’s field. Spicy could attack anyone on KoTN’s field or CP’s field…well, you get the idea. There are a TON of ideas that could spring off of this scenario.

Spicy could reset CP before it was time for KoTN to take advantage of the high point teams renewing hence foiling their plans. A feature could be added that is a version of “Taunt” which could mandate that one alliance must attack the Taunting alliance for a period of time. There can also be “False Flag” added, which would make it so that for a period of time The General/War Leader of CP for example could induce a situation where Spicy could only attack KoTN for a period of time.

I think this Idea is worthy of discussion and it would really inspire people to get their hits in early to be able to reap the High point or “Easy” teams before an opponent could do so.

What do you all think? What other features could be added to really spice it up?


Would this be for the top 100 alliances only? It would complicate many alliances where participation is required, but coordination is not.

Here is an idea to implement it for the acme alliances. Participation in this ‘pincer war’ would happen at matchmaking, so it would be imperative to keep in the top 100 alliances before the countdown stops. Or some other predetermined cutoff.

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Honestly, I have no idea why Wars are not tiered already. I stated a long time ago that Alliances under a certain War score should only be required to have 3 offensive teams because they are just now building up. They would get 3 flags instead of 6. As Alliances progress up the chain and become more accomplished, their war score would increase and give them more Flags thus making it necessary to have more pepared teams.


Tier 1: 3 flags
Tier 2: 4 flags
Tier 3: 5 flags
Tier 4: 6 flags

And maybe…Tier 5: 8 flags

The majority of the flags would be available in the first half of the war. So if an alliance only has 3 flags per member, then they would have two flags until halfway point and get one more after that. Same with Tier 3 Alliances. They would get 3 flags in the first 12 hours and two more flags after Half time.

I don’t see any reason why it could not be limited to the top 99 teams (3 Alliances per war x 33 Wars = 99).


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