A very strong all-round 4 star team?

Hi guys,

My current defense team is the following (from left to right):

Hu Tao – Level 60 Tier 3 – Skill 6/8
Thorne – Level 45 Tier 2 – Skill 6/8
Kashrek – Level 7 Tier 4 – Skill 8/8
Gormek – Level 53 Tier 3 – Skill 6/8
Rigard – Maxed

In order to have some all-round strong team, I was planning to replace Hu Tao with Li Xiu and Thorne with Grimm.

My question is: since I also have Sonya in my Roster, is it Grimm still preferable (or is it just redundant together with Gormek)?

What do you think about this team?

Grimm and Gormek have the same special and the specials do not stack. If this is your first set of heroes to level, I would move to leveling Sonya.

Do NOT get rid of Grimm as he is a great 4* hero. Just wait to level him until you are done with Sonya. It will be over before you know it.

I don’t really like using Grimm on a D team. He is a bit squishy.

But he is on my main O team and fun to use.

Sonya would compliment your defensive team with her buff removal, very helpful skill. I would choose that since Gormek fills your armor debuffing role already.

I generally agree with the comments above. A few extra thoughts:

  • Don’t give capes to Thorne. Grimm at 4/70 is far, far better than Thorne at 3/70.
  • try for Gretel in the event (assuming it’s the new Grimmforest) or Guardian Jackal (if it’s Guardians). Li Xiu is a good tank, but Kashhrek is better in that role, and either Gretel or Jackal will bring extra dimension to your team.
  • ascend Sonya first, but plan on ascending Grimm next. (I’m assuming you do color-matched training, since you have many heroes under development.) Having both Grimm and Gormek gives you access to one of the best specials in two flavors, so you can always have one available. (Example: you wouldn’t bring Gormek against a blue Titan, but Grimm would be a big asset.)
  • keep looking for healers. Alliance Wars wants one per team, ideally.
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When you write “try for either Gretel or Jackal” as regards the Challenge that is going to happen in a few hours, what do you mean exactly?

During an event the elemental summons is replaced with an event summons. It’s basically the Epic summons but including a good chance of getting the event boss heroes as well. Gretel is the Grimforest yellow, which is the expected event. Jackal is the 4* yellow from the event previously expected in the rotation before Grimforest was announced. He’s one of the best 4* heroes in the game.
Kerridoc was suggesting trying your luck with the event summons starting in an hour in the hope of getting either Gretel or Jackal, depending on which event we get.

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Thank you so much Paulon :slight_smile:

Gretel is only in the “okay” category, unlike her brother Hansel, who is a very good hero. Still, the base 4* yellows are all on the “meh” side, aside from Wu Kong who is a tricky but powerful hero. Gretel’s mana control trick is very powerful.

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I was thinking the same Gretals color really makes her stand out as a 4*. I pulled her and 2 more Wu’s today. After my first Wu is maxed she will be going next. Got Hu and Li who I haven’t touched in a while.

While Joon sits at 70 waiting for his darts…

Guys, yesterday after “some” summons…I got following heroes: Hansel - Kiril - Mariana - Tiburtus …just to quote the most important ones.
The situation of my team is, from left to right
Thorne 2/45 skill 6/8
Gormek 4/17 skill 8/8
Kashrek 4/21 skill 8/8
Rigard fully maxed
Hu Tao 3/60 skill 6/8

My plan is to replace:
Thorne with either Grimm/Kiril/Hansel
Hu Tao with Li Xiu

Later on Leveling Marjana.

What are your suggestions about priority? Would you make any other change to the team?

Great pulls! Hansel, Kiril, Marjana and Tiburtus are all strong additions to your bench.

Your roster is getting deep enough that you should stop thinking about “the team” and crafting different squads for different purposes/situations.

Example: Kashrek is great as a defensive tank, but he’s not very useful on, say, titan hits. Finish him up and then get Hansel going, who will add a nice offensive bite to your team.

I would stop developing Thorne immediately and shift your blue feeders/trainers to Kiril. He and Rigard overlap as healers, but Kirils buffs are really excellent. Moreover, with Alliance Wars the value of having many healers is high. Grimm is excellent, but:

Use your purple feeders/trainers on Tibertus. While Tibertus, Grimm and Gormek have the same special (Ramming Pulverizer), it’s such a great skill that you’ll benefit by having it in many flavors. You’ll want to have two good heroes in each color so that, fighting a titan, you can take out the weak color and double the strong color. For example, on a yellow titan you omit Hu Tao (yellow) and double purple (Rigard + Tibertus).

Use your yellow feeders/trainers on Li Xiu. She’s a somewhat stronger hero than Hu Tao.

Use your red feeders to finish Gormek, then start in on Marjana. She’s actually useful even at 3/70, and one of the better 5* at full ascension.

Finally, use your green feeders/trainers to finish Kashrek and then build Hansel. Kashrek’s purpose in life is as a tough center, so having it short of full guts its value.

As you can tell from the above, I’m a big fan of training only with matched color because:

  1. There’s 20% bonus experience for using a feeder with a matching-color hero (150 xp for a 1* goes to 180 xp on same-color)
  2. There’s a 100% boost in odds of increasing the special.

In your case, you have useful things to do in all five colors, so that extra 20% xp will give you a good team faster.

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Just wanted to let you know that I just pulled Wu Kong!
Now…the whole “pipeline” changes i guess…I should level up Wu Kong first and block all the others…do you agree?

Yes, try to bring it at a good level!, the faster the better!

That’s great! He moves to the top of your yellow training.

I always train by color, so I’d keep on with the four other heroes you’re developing in the other colors.

Ok Kerridoc.
It’s the same with me…I usually train by colour, unless the hero already maximezed skill.

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There are two benefits to matched-color training:

  1. Doubles odds of increasing the special skill
  2. 20% experience bonus

#2 is huge when training 4* and 5* heroes. Feeder heroes are the scarce resource for me, and so the idea of throwing away that 20% premium is a non-starter.

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I use all color matched always.

The only exception was 1 day during the event when I threw everything at WU to get him from 4-41 to 4-56 to finish legendary stage 10.

Other than that I pick a hero of each color and work them up accordingly.


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