A Very General Petition

This should maybe be four different posts, but they are all very simple-fix complaints, and all are quality-of-life, not really important to success in the game, rewards, or spending.

  1. Why does this forum require 10 characters for a password when banks, IRS, workplaces, etc generally max at 8? I know I know you’re “supposed” to have a different password for every place you log in, but realistically, you’re making me remember a different password just for a game forum?!? I have to get a reset email every single time I come here. This isn’t classified information. Knock it off.

  2. There are a handful of personal bests tracked in one’s profile. Part of the fun of ANY game is when you make these numbers go up. Sure, it’s just chasing dopamine, but it’s fun goramit. So:
    2a) Why not have more? There are so many interesting things that could be tracked. There are so many things that I wonder how many times I’ve done or killed over 2.5 years. This kind of programming would require almost nothing in terms of computer firepower. So many statistics gone to smithereens.
    2b) specifically I am requesting (feel free to add below):

2c) Already on the charts is highest combo. Except, this stat is a farce. How often is it specifically because of a good combo that you end the fight? Then the combo ends. In fact, this scenario was the impetus for this post: my highest combo, from 2 years ago, is 22. Today, I won a raid on 19, and the board was chock full of diamonds and combos. Can you imagine how exciting it would be to beat your own best after 2 years? This is such a simple thing. Just let the combos run out. The only reasonable exception might be challenge events but even then it would come down to as much luck/rng as anything else.
2d) refer to 2c). This has bugged me for years and I guarantee I’m not alone.

  1. Why not a collect all button for stronghold resources? it’s just meaningless clicking… For anyone who has a reason to click one TC over another, for instance, they can simply not click on “collect all.” Easy peasy, everybody’s happy.

  2. You provide alerts for things in-game already. How hard would it be to expand/customize this? I would LOVE to be able to set a timer in-game for when a certain war opponent is respawning, for instance. Such a simple add. Such a huge benefit to all. Just do it.

  3. Get rid of the nerf banner already. Every time I come here I try to scroll down and it’s only the nerf banner that scrolls. Every time I go huff and then go about my business. It’s way past due to just be made a locked topic somewhere.

  4. (please add your own thoughts)

Every single thing above is a very small and simple fix that would make everyone happy, cost nothing, and ultimately lead to player retainment and more spending. And look! You didn’t even have to pay me! Youre lucky COVID has got me bored. If anyone’s hiring though… I am not just a fixer. My brain is a fixer. I cannot turn it off.


Sure the game can track more personal bests…but considering the only one that sees those is the individual player, then if the player cares about those bests enough, they can track it themselves. Paper+crayons, all ya need…

You want to crack your biggest combo? Hit the world map, take all the time you want to setup the board, leave 1 monster standing and just ghost the rest

Collect all button has been requested 1000 times, nothing new there. Sure 1 collect all for resources would be nice…not sure it’s worth petitioning over though…

You have an alarm clock app on your phone if you want to be reminded of an in game event such as war opponents respawning. If you can count, you can set your own “alert” and customize it anyway you feel. No extra coding needed there.

You can get rid of the nerf banner on your own as well. Not even walking you through that one as it’s pretty self explanatory(like just about everything else you’ve “petitioned” for thus far)

Just about every single thing you listed, you can take care of yourself.

Best of luck


Yes, and I would love Mystic Vision alert

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Every single one of my suggestions is valid and would improve player experience. Your response is childish and amounts to nothing but trolling. Do you feel like a big smart person belittling strangers on the internet?

Best of luck…

Another thing I will add: a release schedule for avatars and buttons. I guarantee sg would see a lot more spending in that department if people actually knew when something they wanted was coming up. Just a personal example, there’s a specific avatar I’d like but with thousands available it’s unlikely I’ll even notice when it rotates through, so, you’ve lost my 500 gems, simply by not making this information available.

I think some stats might be nice. Plenty games have medals and after the missions start to dry up might be nice.

Azure Medal - A+ on a blue titan - could have the star level on the medal 9 is a pretty good one to show. There’s going to be some pretty rare medals at the top echelon. Five medals in a separate tab on your profile to unlock.

Raider Medal - best win streak in each league.

Luckless Medal - 10 pull getting only 3 star heros, put numbers on this for comedy value. Its heartbreaking but at least you get a medal.

Alliance rank for longevity - 50, 100, 200, 400 etc. days get a rank from recruit, private, corporal, sergeant etc. Small reward for staying and rank alliance shows up to two earned ranks so hoping wipes the record but considered moves show your knowledge.

3 star master - take out a team 1000 points higher with only 3 star heros.

Red or dead - mono Red team wins.

Well I am having fun :upside_down_face:


@rigs can be somewhat acerbic, but he hit the nail on the head with his reply. Almost all points raised can easily be fixed at home. Perhaps read any replies at face value before jumping in with the big boots?


the combo thing is ridiculous as you have more players complaining that when they auto farm in atlantis rises or anywhere else. Theres a 45 combo going on after everyone is dead wasting there time as they just want to replay that stage again.


Sorry, this is again an entirely invalid response. The entire purpose and topic of my post regards “quality of life” programming to make things more enjoyable for everyone. Your reply is that millions of players worldwide should individually do all this personal spreadsheet tracking when SG could easily program it for everyone, simultaneously. The cost-benefit ratio is clearly in favor of the latter.

Oh wait, do you two work there and would just prefer not to have to do any work? That would make more sense, in terms of the tone of your responses.

Again, this is a belittling reply. You’re trying to pat me on the head and say “there there,” as if my suggestion is silly that SG throws in some shiny new toys would improve the game in every possible way. Both of you are just, simply, wrong. Please, continue to belittle strangers on the internet though. It makes you look really strong and smart!

@Rigs see above. And keep in mind I was not the one to make this antagonistic. Again, all of my ideas are valid, unlike every one of your dismissals.

The 2 biggest changes for me is 1 round counter in fights. (asked for MANY MANY times) 2 a way to get out of collecting from training camps when you want NOT when your roster is full or you take all feeders out.


I wish that I could add trainings if there are feeders to collect, but the camp has run out of trainings currently processing. The way it is currently you have to collect ALL the feeders before unlocking the training camp. That stinks.


We are getting the much anticipated online/offline indicator let’s not get greedy here.

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It’s not Small Giant’s fault that you can’t remember a ten-character password.

*sigh * you truly don’t get the point. Keep trying slugger.

Yawn. Mute. Block.

20 yawns

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