A Verse for REVENGE!


You slipped beyond my walls
While I was asleep
And tiptoed past my Watchmen
In to my castle keep

And once inside you dared to face
The heroes I assemble
Who in the realms of honoured men
Leave brave men a-tremble

But you cut their throats
While they slumber
Take my provision
And my lumber
Snatch food from the mouths
Of newborn babes
And slip away, into the shades.

THAT is why I hit REVENGE!
And why I will forever more
Because of thieving sloven like you
The wolf pack at my door.
I can but press it merely thrice
But had I the chance I’d hit it more
Til all your horde lie at my feet
Dead and flayed and broken
Their heads displayed for
A grisly victory token

Do not counsel me to flee
Or weigh valour with discretion
A fight to bloody twisted end
Is the only true expression.

Why are you revenging (except for your ego)?
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