A Verse for Kunchen

This is really just some silliness, but I like the rhythm of the word :grinning:

I was munchin’ on my luncheon,
Why, just the other day
When a gentleman approached me in a most peculiar way
He was walkin’, he was hunchin’
As though from an affray
And a jewel bedecked truncheon
Was lurking in his cape

The function of the truncheon
Was clearly for a punchin’
And I espied upon his belt
A pouch there was a-bunchin’

I’m not willing at this junction
To remark upon his unction
And so this ends my tale
Of the countenance of Kunchen



Only you could could slide in unction… Jonah Master of the Lexicon.

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Sliding in unction sounds messy :wink:

Or fun, depending.
20 jello filled pools xD

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Ok now I’m sure of it. The bag on Kunchen’s belt contains weed.


Fun poem! I’m fairly sure, though, that “Kunchen” is an iamb, not a trochee (kun-CHEN, not KUN-chen). You’ve started off on the wrong foot!

P.S. first couplet of last stanza might be:

I’m not willing at this junction
To remark upon his unction

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Excellent suggestion Kerridoc, a 10% cut of the royalties is yours (excluding merchandising).

As for where the emphasis should be in Kunchen, I’m not going to let facts get in the way of a good rhyme :grin:

I’ll be in the dictionary for the next hour , up to a mid morning luncheon , and by the way I too have a Hunchin Kunchen :sunglasses:

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@Schemerlamp I Believe he uses the weed to understand that Tome of Tatics right behind it. @JonahTheBard

Or it’s a recipe book for medicinal brownies?

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I like that better, would hate to think he is hoarding all of the Tomes. That would ultimately lead to self-destruction :skull_and_crossbones:

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