A Verse for Apology Tokens


Dear friends,

I’m pleased to see the wave of love descend upon the forum. Here’s a verse to express my mixed feelings on receiving my favourite yellow Noble Defender:

Dear Small Giant

I’m sorry if I sounded rude
When I whinged about the war
And raids might have seemed unfair
So I complained a little more
Telescopes and capes, you see,
Are very hard to find
And how can I win an orb
When luck is so unkind
Game success, it seems to me,
Is actually forbidden
Which is why we players
Must try so hard, to find the blades you’ve hidden.

It doesn’t seem so much to ask
That we could have a raiding flask.
But thank you so much for my token
I’m glad the Devs have finally spoken
And while I know that Bane is swell…
… could I please have Gravemaker as well?

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i got Balthazar n bonus draw gravemaker. is he good?

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He’s the new hero of the month, so he’s hot property :slight_smile: