A use for ‘bad’ heros

I recently got Vlad and looking at his special I was disappointed. I mean come on… maxed out he does 65 damage over 5 turns. Ok he can steal 61% of any healing applied to the target for 3 turns but would I put him in over any of the other 3* I have, I dont think so.

So I was thinking with all the heros that are considered bad and rubbish in what hypothetical situation would they actually be a good hero?

I can’t really defend Vlad, but I would check out the Guardian Chameleon threads for ideas on how a Hero ranked “C” on Anchor’s Guide can be a force of destruction. In short:

  1. Teamed with Tarlak, they are arguably the most destructive pairing in the game.
  2. Taking the same pair against a green (13*) Titan can reliably net you 100K+ hits (so long as you bring a couple mana pots and scrolls of alteration).
  3. Even alone, he works better than most people give him credit for. The color change mechanic can be used strategically; and even if he changes an opposing hero’s color from “weak against” to “strong against”, the crit chance buff often neutralizes that drawback.
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Level one for collection, more than one is food :slight_smile:


But Vlad’s DOT stacks up to 10 times, doesn’t it?

I’ve got 4 I plan to level up for fun in 3* no-holy raid tournaments.

Hmmm… yeah, not sure I can really justify Vlad.

I have found a very good use for Obakan at least. He is my purple team’s designated kamikaze riposter.

Obakan: “Alright man, I’m ready for war!!! What do you want me to do?”

Me: “Go in and try to take out their yellow guy.”

Obakan: “Cool! Yeah, I think I can do that! Then what next?”

Me: “Oh, nothing next. After that you can just stand there and look pretty while awaiting further instructions.”

Obakan: “Alright! I think I can handle tha–”

Ouch. :confounded: Well, that’s the end of Obi. R.I.P. my friend. Congrats on taking that sniper down with you, though! :+1:

Actually plays well into my colored strike strategies.

Red team - shock and awe, burn them with fire!!!
Blue team - disrupt and weaken the enemy!
Green team - try to stay alive long enough to take the opponents out one by one!
Yellow team - steal their mana! Blind them! Throw some tiles! Rinse and repeat!

And now, for something completely different:

Purple team strategy - mostly just stand there trying to keep yourself alive while your opponent successfully manages to kill themselves :laughing:


Someday, I fully plan to put up a defense team out of just my worst and most hated heroes. I’m thinking something like Captain of Daimonds, Neith, Horghall, Mok-Arr, Costume-Caedmon. Then I’ll go to my watchtower to watch them get completely destroyed over and over again by other players. Mwahahahaha!!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I found a use for Vlad when I was starting out and had a weak bench… he won my alliance a war once :stuck_out_tongue:

but now… I only use him for fun while farming, sometimes.

i guess if I’m going to try to apply a lesson to it, it’s that - make do with what you have, and judge for yourself if a hero is worth leveling based on your roster, game progress, spending habits, etc.

Mok-Arr is actually a fine hero on offense…

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