A two-pronged approach

With power creep creeping along, I’ve decided to shift myself into the vc2p category.

But it gave me a new perspective, what if I just saved 100% of my gems for 2 years straight and then just dropped all of them on the newest portal that had heroes base power up to over 900?

It’s over 9,000!!! Anyone? Just me? Okay.

Anyway, it thought this would be a really cool adventure to see if saving really ends up being the best defense to power Creep and thought I’d extend the invitation to anyone else who wanted to join in?

Why is it a two-pronged approach:

  1. It puts pressure on SGG to do things differently because you’re no longer chasing the latest and greatest, you’re just slowly and comfortably saving for 730 days. 730 days is a long time reduce spending.

  2. It more effective guarantees you something great because power creep itself is op.

Anyway, I think this is what I’m gonna be doing! Anyone else wanna join in?


Sounds a good plan and I hope it works out well for you. I feel I’m kind of already doing this. I have too many heroes to work on at the moment so won’t be summoning (Read spending) for a little while I think :joy:

Game Well :sunglasses:

wow, well I admire your self-control…

I don’t know if I will still be playing this game in 2 years though!

(have to agree that power creep is OP though lol, so for sure heroes released in 2 years will be more powerful than heroes today - pity those of us who cannot even get S2 5*s)


I’m one of those players too, 4 years in still no season 2 5*.lol. Hence the idea to just hold out for 2 years.

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Kudos to your ambitious quest and i wish you great success.


RNG and the low odds can be so cruel :frowning: I really think the accessibility of older heroes (S2, S3 now that they are becoming outdated) can be improved a little bit…

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I’m already at the similar path - being vc2p, and decided to summon (with gems) only when I save enough for a 30-pull…And it’s gonna be in whatever portal I find the OPest at that time. :love_you_gesture::joy:
Meanwhile I will do some coin-summons. Who knows, maybe I’ll get something decent after all.

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TBH, some of those heroes had a brief moment but how many are still a top choice for their element among the newer heroes?

Costumes help some but you still have to pull them to use.

Ariel, … Ariel… still trying to think of any others…

maybe poseiden (mana buff) and now inari

The only times I’ve pulled in S2 was when Ariel was featured, and the recent one with Tethys so don’t feel bad.

What’s even more comical is she was featured in the recent SE, the amount of gems I could have saved if only I had known.

With the rate of new heroes, all S2 heroes+ costumes will be offered for 5 heroes in less than a year.

As many 5* our there as there is now, it isn’t just power creep, but also a meta game of building teams to counter opponents.

You need to figure out strategically what your objectives are. If you want to be a very top player, you have to spend. If you want to simply finish events, and be in the diamond league, just keep building your roster, and maybe spend when you run out of 5* projects.

Be content with the consistent improvement and experimentation. If you go chasing some new great 5* out of impulse, odds are you will not too happy with the outcome.


What if you get zero 5* after going all in from 2 years of saving?

I wish you luck on your chosen path.

Most of the spending people i know that tried to adopt FTP or vip only, get bored and resume spending for summons. Until they tried FTP (or close to it), they didn’t realize a lot of their enjoyment came from getting new heroes.

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Good luck on your new direction!

I tried that for like 6 months max. Drove me bananas.

I modified my path to follow prevalent mood. If game is nice to me, I spend more (but not that much more).

Otherwise, it’s just cheap gem packs with coins or not, when I need gems.

Same policy as that for my RL entertainment, dining, shopping. Joint sucks … bye! I bring $xxx/xxxx elsewhere.