A truly 'Rewarding' drop table for Morlovia


The ‘rare’ quest Morlovia appears. Step right up, folks! For only 60 energy points, you can receive:
1 practice sword 1 rugged clothes
1 stout rope 1 adventurer’s kit
1 ancient scrolls 1 wooden shield
1 leather armor 1 dagger
1 royal tabard 1 set of tall boots

If you happen to have maxed world energy points (28), it’s possible to generate the necessary 60 points in about 10 hours. Should you be so strong or lucky that you only need one go at each stage of the quest (and very few players are), you walk away with one truly rare ascension item and a handful of items that drop like snowflakes in Siberia in every province starting with 4.

After looking at the Morlovia quest, I made six auto runs on 8-7 at 3 energy per run. For just 24 points, I hauled in:
6 practice swords, 3 rugged clothes, 2 stout rope, 0 ancient scrolls (but 3 training manuals), 4 wooden shields, 1 leather armor, 5 daggers, and 1 sharpening stone. I also collected 5 heroes and 2 troops.

Since I had 6 points left & was 5 recruits shy of filling that chest, I hit 18-9 and got another dagger plus 2 more practice swords.

Using the stars assigned to items as a valuation, Morlovia rewards a player with 19 stars worth of items. For my 28 points, I banked 40 stars worth. The total item value of the ‘rare’ quest is less than half that of run-of-the-mill farming, the only difference being that there is ONE item that a player with a 5* dark hero needs to ascend to tier 5 (and they’ll need 4 more to boot!)

Without changing anything else about the quest - difficulty, frequency, or cost in points - make the reward table something that offers items a player at any level will be eager to take a run at. I offer my suggested drop table here:
Stage 1: 1 tall boots & 1 bear banner
Stage 2: 1 compass & 1 turtle banner
Stage 3: 1 fine gloves & 1 dragon banner
Stage 4: 1 trap tools & 1 super mana potion
Stage 5: 1 royal tabard & 1 super heal potion

Now, players with just one 3* hero definitely have an incentive to try and beat stages 1-3, and maybe a couple tries at 4. Stockpiling ascension items is the name of the game, and gaining battle items that can be used immediately adds extra incentive. For the player with a 5* dark hero, taking the risk of Stage 5 is worth it because they have also gained a lot of ascension items plus battle items they can use for other heroes.

Others have posted about the junk items awarded in rare quests, so I beg everyone’s indulgence for covering this content again. What I wanted to offer was a suggestion for rewards that rationalizes the ‘rare’ aspect of these quests, i.e. their infrequency. The items gained are highly prized and uncommon. More importantly, I also wanted to suggest a list of rewards that make these quests EPIC as well. Spending part of two game days struggling to beat Stage 5 (and maybe even spending those jewels to resurrect your team after falling in the final boss battle - how can the devs not like that?) places Morlovia and the other rare quests in the realm of epic adventure, which certainly can’t hurt the game.


It cost me 800 gems to beat the very hard level, but at least I finally have one under my belt now. Feel good about that and do not mind putting some $$ into the game to help keep it going. Who likes to work for free? Those who can will and so forth. :slight_smile:


I agree. There doesnt seem to be much thought put into rewards for quests. They just leave everything the same and then put in 1 acension item in. And then every 3 months you can do the quest again for the same item. Stupid. Each pevel in a rare quest should have an acension item. …just the easier levels have a level 3, then as the levels go on it becomes a 4 and then a 5. Too easy, but that way i guess e and p doesnt make enough money of of us that way…


Thanks for your comments.

When I hear ‘rare’ quest, I compare whatever I see to big quests from my
D&D experiences. If you managed to beat the boss & achieve the goal of the
quest, you & your companions received some awesome loot because you pushed
your boundaries as an adventurer.

Ascension items shouldn’t drop all over the place, but a rare, difficult
quest should be loaded with something else besides what I can farm from 8-7
and beyond anytime.

Good hunting for whatever items you need.



The last level reward is very much worth the energy alone. Tabbards are rare and level 80 heroes are great. But if you can’t beat that level, then the lower levels are pretty useless. Like you said, that stuff drops in masses from low provinces anyone who can beat hard level can autorun. I have now 944 daggers and 1178 leather armor. Nice to see one each awarded for a hard level fight costing 16 energy.


I had a longer post, but everyone is still stating the same thing, and putting it in different words won’t get the problem across to the devs:

Rare quests are supposed to be rare, fun, rewarding, but they create three groups of players:

  1. The disheartened newer players that can’t even finish them
  2. The irritated veteran players that have to get more province trash that they already have hundreds or thousands of and wasted hours worth of energy for one item.
  3. Then a group of players that can ALMOST get the item, and have to use every revive scroll and potion they can just to get through it, and eithe barely make it through or waste all of the energy and items just to fail and having nothing to show for it.

Rather than make rare quests exciting for everyone, you’ve managed to make them irritating to every separate group.

So, please do what nearly every post about these has asked:

Make it 3 levels, place the team levels so that each item will be rewarding to players that can’t access the next tier due to team level:
Tier 1: rare 3* province loot, like tall boots
Tier 2: 3* titan / chest loot, like warm capes and compasses
Tier 3: 4* titan / chest loot, like mystic rings / damascus blades

@Petri @mhalttu @RubiKinga


Thanks for your comments on my post.

I agree with your assessment on the three groups of players the current
quests create. In fact, my alliance is losing a member who is quitting the
game because he can’t draw a 4* hero after two months of play. He started
as a level 4 player & climbed in levels until he became one of our top

But when I got to the bold text, I misunderstood & thought you considered
my proposal one that would increase everyone’s irritation. I realize now
you were (I hope) directing that remark to the devs.

I like your concept of a simpler, three stage quest with items suited to
players with enough team power to reasonably complete the stage & gain
valuable loot relevant to their objectives in the game.

Again, I’m grateful for your opinion on the topic of my post.



@Markgraf55, yes! That was to the devs, not yourself. I agree your loot proposal works quite well also. I’ve been quite salty when it comes to this topic.


Thank you for a good, short summary.

I have already updated the Rare Quest rewards for 1.6 to be slightly more rewarding, especially for the second to last level.

I shared your post with the concept designers and the response was pretty positive. I cannot promise anything because it is not my decision to make, but I do hope we will implement something along these lines for version 1.7.


@mhalttu Thank you for the response. This is excellent news indeed!


Woohoo! That’s fantastic news! :slight_smile:


Thanks for listening and responding!


Thank you for taking time to respond to my post. I’m grateful for your

The news that upgrades to the quest rewards are already in development is
exciting. Your statement that the development team had positive reactions
to my idea was equally encouraging. I enjoy the game and would be thrilled
to have offered any small suggestion that improves it for all players.

Best wishes on your progress for update 1.6.



Just a quick update: We decided to update the rare quest rewards for all levels already in 1.6. To be clear, there is still going to be five levels for the rare quests, but the rewards should hopefully be better on all of them. (Obviously the rewards for the first two levels won’t be that great, but at least they should be better than what we have now!)


Woho! That’s fantastic news! :slight_smile:


It is indeed the hardest quest by far, but… not that hard.
It is said you must have a team with 3360 of power, but i finished with just 3070 using some axe attacks and mana potions.
If you have a good defence, then it’s quite easy.

So the reward for me it’s quite fair.


Just updating the thread. Today we have Morlovia rare quest and here is what the latest team power requirements and rewards per each level look like.

I guess this rewards version (post v1.6) is the intended revised /exciting one, compared to what was complained/discussed a while back in here. Still got swords and lots of mushrooms now lol. No compasses or tall boots but chainmail and traptools :grinning:


I think it’s great that they listen and make some updates. My one request is that I am starting to build an inventory of ascension materials needed (I have everything for like 4 people to ascend) but I can’t seem to get the ‘common’ ones that every hero needs (compass, gloves, etc.).

It would be great to see the chainmail replaced with something like that, but, given the rare 3* and 4* items I can’t complain :slight_smile:


The gray neutral Rare Quests drop gloves/compasses at 4th level, and Damascus blades/tomes at 5th level.

So you can get those from Rare Quests too. :slight_smile:


I’ve run through all the rare quests since the 1.6 update & can honestly give them a 10/10 rating. This is pretty much what I envisioned when I started the thread.

Now that I finally have a couple of 5* cards (Alberich & Elena) I can look ahead to having the ascension items needed to max them out.

@mhalttu You may be hearing grumbling about the Shiloh quest spawning at the same time as the event, but I just rubbed my greedy hands at the opportunity to score 3 great items in less than a day (2 from the quest plus one from the event Tier completion reward).

Also, thanks for the cookies for us players (the world energy flask freebie). I’m definitely more invested in the game now. Thumbs up, SG!