A tournament for players to compete against each other

Hi , this is an idea intended for SG to hopefully take it into account ,the idea is to create a tournament that comes frequently ( every week , two weeks …etc) , for players to team up ( teams of several players , not necessarily from the same alliance ) , and compete against other teams starting with a certain number of teams and eliminating with each turn till the final , and the basic idea of how it works is as follows : players can form teams and invite others to join , once the team is full ( like 5 players for each team for example ) ,players can discuss their defense setup and attack strategy …etc in their team’s private line chat , and the fighting takes place in a battlefield , like in war , you get flags and make the most use of them , and the winner is determined by points , and the winners get rewarded , and since there are thousands of players playing this game then it’ll be made like each tournament contains just a certain number of teams (30 teams ,or 40 teams etc ) .
I hope my voice will be heard , thanks .

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