A+ Titan loot not received 9*

Received notification our loot was available - logged in… nothing. Others in alliance have received theirs… I’d there a glitch? Checked my resources and nothing seemed changed - no extra emblems/flasks/Atlantis coins -

no new tokens

Same just happened to me with A grade on 9*…no loot

Which version of the app are you on? Because the loot popup bug is supposed to be fixed in 20.1, but is the most likely culprit in 20.

Also, emblems and coins only drop from rare titans, so you’d not see them for a normal 9*.

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That happened to me a few times in the past, that’s why I created an habit of always checking my Inventory so that I could know what I got in titans and wars when the pop up doesn’t show up… The problem is that in some rare circumsntances the titan loot comes altogether with the war loot. That happened to me once and I couldn’t tell what I got on each loot…

There is a new feature coming that will track all loot received from any source. This will let you go back and check what you got from where without having to consult your inventory.

It was super helpful in beta, and I’m really excited for it to be live in production.

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That’s really great to hear that :slight_smile:

When I put in a ticket, they told me it was a known bug and fixed in the update…said loot was received, just didnt show in popup or as “new” in inventory…the loot was normal 2* crap so no idea if I got it or not, I will take their word for it…I updated my app after submitting ticket.

Thsi issue was fixed with v20.1. Please be sure to,update your software.