A tiny damage comparison list for 4* and 5* heroes

Hi. I felt like making a chart tonight and I made this little thing. Is it useful to judge anything? Unlikely. I wanted to see it more as a curiosity and to review some notions that have built up since I’ve started playing the game.

  • characters on the list are ordered by the amount of damage their skills do, in theory, by a formula that seems logical but might be false: I used their attack number multiplied by the percentile of the skill
  • hence this list is in no way any sort of a usability/tier list as it does NOT account for their defensive stats
  • I have divided them into 3 main damage groups for fairness
  • the groups are not divided by 4* and 5* categories as some 4* heroes do more damage than 5s! I was honestly surprised by this. 5 heroes are hence in italics.
  • I didn’t give detailed numbers to the other skill factors in (), you can find it all on this lovely spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eDFV6YzfCnuBjFd-GZjZAu6jqum3mlMimP4HYpv2BX8/edit#gid=0

My full list in colors: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5ERts6771l1THJKV0Z2THJ2Wmc

Single/Single + Dot

3732 FAST - Lianna
3497 FAST - Joon (+accuracy debuff 1)
3431 FAST - Sartana (with dot)
3346 FAST - Marjana (with dot)
3330 FAST - Magni (+defense 5)
2558 AVERAGE - Leonidas (+reduce mana, +leech)
2442 FAST Kelile (with dot)
2190 FAST Caedmon (+dispell 5)
2094 FAST Sonya (+dispell 5)
2051 FAST Cabin Boy Peter (+silence 1)
1851 FAST Chao (+reduce mana 1)

Single + Minor Damage to Nearby (no idea what ‘minor damage’ is exactly, but probably a % of the main… maybe)

3206 AVERAGE - Lepus Bunny (+self defense debuff)
2672 AVERAGE - Richard (+attack debuff 3)
2612 FAST - Musashi (+self heal)
2545 AVERAGE - Thorne
2356 AVERAGE - Sargasso (+heal debuff 3)
2347 AVERAGE - Hel (+mana block 3, ++holy)
2247 AVERAGE - Athena (+defense debuff 3, ++fire)
2112 AVERAGE - Grimm (+defense debuff 3)
1947 AVERAGE - Tiburtus (+defense debuff 3)
1721 FAST - Elkanen (+leech)
1678 AVERAGE - Gormek (+defense debuff 3)
1649 FAST - Scarlett (+attack debuff 3)

AoE 5/AoE 5 + Dot (damage below is damage on a single target… if it works this way at all. Maybe AoE hitter’s attack is divided by some amount before % is applied or some other shenanigans… who knows. But it should at least give a comparison within the group)

1961 SLOW - Azlar (with dot)
1873 SLOW - Isarnia (+defense debuff 5)
1867 SLOW - Quintus
1616 SLOW - Colen (with dot)
1585 SLOW - Elena (+riposte on 3)
1379 SLOW - Horghall (+ attack debuff 5)
1370 SLOW - Little John (+reduce mana regen 5)
1339 SLOW - Justice (+accuracy debuff 5)
1319 SLOW - Jack o’Hare (+defense debuff self)
1274 SLOW - Skittleskull (+attack debuff 5)
1113 FAST - Kadilen (+special skill defense 5)
1055 SLOW - Hu Tao (+accuracy debuff 5)
1047 AVERAGE - Li Xiu (+reduce mana 5)
930 AVERAGE - Mate Boomer (+holy defense 5)

AoE 3

1550 to 2413 FAST - Kestrel (depends on ready enemy mana)
867 or something or other AVERAGE - Locke (is that not affected by defense? flat damage? could be…)

IF and that’s IF my math is correct (and of course not accounting for defense/HP), from all this I gather:

  • Elkanen is pretty worthless. Leeching utility seems really weak in comparison to others and his damage is lackluster. Compare to FAST Musashi, who also heals?
  • Kadilen could really use a buff to the duration of her special, she offers little else (tanky, I guess, but meh, she looks like a tactical-use hero and 2 turns is very short).
  • Little John is better on offense than I thought if you want AoE.
  • The Blue Bunny 5* is actually pretty solid unlike green bunny 4* which is ultimate garbage and should get some love.
  • I thought Quintus would pack a much bigger punch than Isarnia.
  • I’m surprised that Joon’s damage seems higher than Marjana’s AND Sartana’s. Did I derp in math? Or is he the biggest glass cannon of the crew? Aside of Lianna.
  • A bunch of 4* seems to do more AoE damage than 5*. Huh. ■■■■ you, Colen, you will haunt me for a long time up the ladder, won’t you?
  • Musashi is good. I wasn’t sure, now I’m sure.

I did this just for fun. Please don’t bite me if something here is incorrect or I made some mistake or another :stuck_out_tongue: It is also pretty late.


Additionally, if you want to go full-troop battling, these heroes have the highest attack skill (lowest in parenthesis):

RED 4*: Scarlett 767 (Gormek 569)
BLUE 4*: Grimm 716 (Boril 501)
GREEN 4*: Little John 741 (Kashrek 548)
YELLOW 4*: Wu Kong 707 (Hu Tao 603, though all 3 are close)
PURPLE 4*: Sabina 699 (Mate Boomer 535, Cyprian 563)

RED 5*: Elena 809 (Ares 659)
BLUE 5*: Isarnia 797 (Thorne 572)
GREEN 5*: Lady Locke 803, Lianna 729 (Horghall 657)
YELLOW 5*: Musashi 787 (Justice 609 lowest by far)
PURPLE 5*: Quintus 747 (Sartana 694)

Okay, for completion’s sake:

Thorne 832
Richard 817
Elkanen 784
Justice 776
Kadilen 766

Quintus 636
Joon 636
Azlar 607
Magni 591
Elena 578

Boril 792
Sonya 731
Boldtusk 711
Kelile 686
Chao 675

Little John 569
Gormek 565
Colen 537
Grimm 530
Scarlett 507

Horghall 1545
Ares 1442
Thorne 1421
Justice 1425
Marjana 1404

Musashi 1248
Kadilen 1246
Leonidas 1221
Isarnia 1200
Lepus 1194

Gormek 1430
Cyprian 1362
Kashrek 1321
Hu Tao 1183
Rigard 1166

Wu Kong 992
Little John 988
Skittleskull 969
Jack o’Hare 960
Kelile 935


Well, that’s a lot of work. Impressive.
There’s many things to say and probably argument, but for now i just wanna tell this:

  • Elkanen is kinda tanky, fast mana-auto cure hero.
    Worthless? Mh.
  • Secondary skills of a special has really a huge impact on a fight, sometimes it is better that the pure damage. So watching only stats can be tricky.
  • Huge attack on a slow mana builder it’s not so good as it sounds. They are really good on a defence team… If they survive. Pretty much i always wipe out Elena or Isarnia before they can even shoot one special.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Sorry I’m sleepy, but what does “with dot” mean?

EDIT: DoT. Got it. :smile:

I would say “Damage over time” = Dot.
Like Hot is “Healing over time” (sadly non of the heroes are capable to do so)

You sure? What about Ares?

  • Elkanen seems to be neither a tank nor an attacker. I’m not a fan of this sort of character. There are way better tanks around and way better attackers. But also I just really dislike the “steal moderate amount of damage back” in this game. Ran some characters with it earlier on and it was such a waste of stats to me, which is why I think Elkanen sucks :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just my opinion, not a fact.

  • I know, that’s why I elected to list them in the parentheses. I wanted to make this list purely to compare straight out damage though, because I was curious how the damage numbers look. The in-game % tells me absolutely nothing with the attack numbers being so varied :slight_smile:

  • Nothing SLOW sounds that good, but most AoE damagers are slow - found that out making this list. Though Elena is usually in the front so she gets to cast her thing unless the board is really solid. But I’m not in top 100 or anything so higher up she might be getting eaten easier.

And yes, DoT is definitely Damage Over Time here :slight_smile:

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Had a few spare minutes so I’ve updated the thing with available healers/standalone buffs. Made defense/health into a table. You can find the file here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5ERts6771l1THJKV0Z2THJ2Wmc

Grayed out limited availability heroes. I find it interesting to look at the heroes in such categories - maybe it will help some newer player when planning out their team if they don’t know all the healers or the AoE dealers or just want someone who packs the biggest punch/can tank the most damage :slight_smile:

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It’s helpful to list all heroes, since a new player can’t choose what s/he gets. Thanks for including them! :slight_smile:

Joon isn’t a suprise. He has higher attack stat than Sartana and Marjana and a higher % damage rating too on the special. But if you factor in their dots, they will make more damage in total than joon. Especially on higher defense targets, because attack/defense doesn’t affect the damage of dots. But then Joon’s blind can be a real saver and it lasts pretty long.

In case anyone wonders:

Single Target:
2065 VERY FAST Guardian Jackal (-54% holy defense for 4 turns)

AoE 5
1174-2582 VERY SLOW – Guardian Owl (+46% defense on self, self regen 645 hp over 5 turns)
(no dead ally - 4 dead allies)

AoE 3
1642 FAST – Guardian Panther (dispel 3 & -54% dark defense for 4 turns)
1142 AVERGAGE – Guardian Falcon (-54% fire defense on 3 for 4 turns)


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