A tiny chance to summon an old HoTM on Daily Summon


Let’s face it, daily summons are really boring and unexciting. Adding a small chance to summon an old HOTM (so people who roll tokens/gems for the current one get a proper head start) during these could spice this little thing up a bit. Make one want to click it. Because WHAT IF THIS IS THE ONE?!

Of course the chance would need to be small to be fair, but it’s fine. It’s about the possibility and excitement that comes with it. We get 30 of these per month.

What about 3-5% chance >>OVER THE MONTH<< to roll it?

I mean 30 summons combined would give 3-5% chance to roll a HoTM. I don’t think it would be imbalanced or unfair. And it’d be a nice, long-term way to try and acquire the blocked heroes.

Using my sick calculator skills I’ve arrived at:

0.1% chance to roll a HotM every Daily Summon or 0.16% chance respectively.

Silver Tokens could also be put into this system. 150 gems would still be far from worth it, but not quite as ridiculous. And getting Silver Tokens as rewards could be at least a bit exciting.


While I love the idea as a player, I can’t believe SG would implement this. The HotM are probably big cash cows, and the ability to control their flow precisely also controls their cash flow.


I doubt many people who want to have the HotM would like the idea of waiting for months to roll one on a silver token with 0.15% chance of success.

Especially since at a chance this low, the chance of getting the one they wanted would be absolutely atrocious.

For instance, say you want Natalya. You can start rolling her from February. And then you have 0.15% chance with each silver token roll to receive a HotM.

Hel, Athena, Ares, Musashi, Alberich, Thoth, Perseus, Natalya that’s already 7 of them.

So in February your chance of rolling Natalya would be equal to 0.02%, and becoming lower each month.

I seriously doubt it would affect the HotM cash flow.


HotMs could also be added to the daily summon only after a few months pass (6 or whatever).
e.g. Natalya from July.
And with a chance of 10% over the month. :slight_smile:


Just too good and no good at the same time.

  • too good because it finally does make any sense on the daily token (but i get like 3-4 per day, so chances are quite better)

  • no good because i hope someday SG gives the opportunity to take previous HotM and event heroes in a better (aka easier) mode.


Probably gems gated rewards will only be given by spending gems, I don’t think they’ll put free sweets on daily summons. Maybe a new research + training at the training camp will be implemented for this.

Something like a 50 gems on top of the actual Legendary hero training to have a chance of dropping the past HOTM as a 5* heroes could do the thing, maybe also adding the past events heroes to the pool.


HotMs are not gem gated rewards, they can be won with epic tokens too.


True, its my fault seeing tokens as a “forced” gems reward.


Im kinda liking that idea… The math would have to include the total number of days (28/29, 30/31) per month along with adding in if someone were to keep buying daily summons. No guarantee however, like u stated. Just the thrill of knowing that there’s a chance as slim as it would have to be. Imagine grabbing a HOTM. With a free daily summons??.? That’s an idea/concept that would make the game more exciting_ and it would benefit E & P imo because players who don’t pay to play ( such as myself) might be tempted to buy some gem packs to try for that HOTM.


That’s an interesting idea. How about
You start with a .01% chance…and every draw it goes up by .01%
Then resets if you don’t draw for a day or hit

Maybe for every draw…for it to trigger the chance of a HOTM…it costs a gem