A Thorne in the ointment

Thorne’s face twists as he winces at the alcohol in Kiril’s “Special Emblemed Brew” and smacks his lips in satisfaction. He casts his eyes upward and emits a slightly exasperated sigh before he speaks.
“I’ll admit, I’ve gotten a bit more respect lately. It’s been a long, hard road but I’ve honed my craft and, while my drinking had been a problem, I’ve gotten it in check. Commander Gray, my older brother, referred to my signature move derisively. Said that the real reason it was called the ‘ice-cold finisher’ was because of my habit. Maybe he was right, ahhh… I dunno. Tired of living in the shadow of the ‘great commander’ and I really resent the fact that people still mourn him after he fell to the Dark Lord, especially after they found out who he was. I mean, no wonder the Dark Lord beat my brother, Derric knew his weak spots.”

Thorne hung his head. “I sound like a real ahole right now, and I don’t mean to. I would give anything if my brother would come back. It’s just not gunna happen. Anyways, I have enough to deal with after all this time… people still don’t give me the respect I feel I deserve. They discount how well I work with others, and how devastating I can really be. We can’t all be Magni or Sartana on the battlefield, and truthfully I think that it would be boring if we were. I’m not the strongest, prettiest, most educated, most skilled, flashiest, most intelligent, most liked, most… well, uhh… I’m really not particularly good at any one thing… But neither are you! Let’s just point this out right now. You’re a human being tapping on a phone, playing with forces you don’t understand and you can barely restrain jealousy long enough to realize you are wasting your time. But you come at ME… telling me that -I- am mediocre at best, horrible at worst. Face it, I show up, I put in my work and I don’t give up. That’s gotta be worth something, right?”

Thorne swallows hard, snorts up a loogy and goes to spit, only to have a string of it swing the whole glob onto his fur cloak. “Ahhhh crap. Forget it. You know what? I get it. I do. Sonya’s younger, easier to get along with, easier to find and faster on the field. But let’s not forget my first point… I work really well with others and am devastating if I am disregarded. I’m not great when I’m the center of attention, but I can still put a heavy dent if you forget about me. Every war has its soldiers, and not every soldier can be the biggest hero on the field. It takes a whole army to win, not the efforts of one. Chew on that awhile… anyhow I’ll be back to chat in a bit… need a napkin or somethin… and maybe another drink, too.”


@JonahTheBard, can we put this evocative piece in Fan Fiction?

@PeachyKeen well done!!! I was there!!!:bouquet:



@PeachyKeen that’s hilarious. Sorry I missed it for so long .


@JonahTheBard…it made me cry!!!


Its okay. Happy it entertained when it did. Forgot I wrote it.


You did inspire me two write another item. Be forewarned

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EXCITED!!! :popcorn:

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