A team strength strenght based alternative for loot tickets

I believe that most veteran players can recognize the tedious grind of farming. Especially on the maps that you will beat even without a full team of five. Loot tickets is the obvious alternativ for that problem but here I would add a second option to that.

If your team strenght happens to be over 1000 more than the monsters on a a particular stage, then you would get access to a “Boo!” button that make that level to an instant win, just as the loot tickes work. This will be based on that the monsters on that stage have turned into getting scared of your mighty team instead, and are now fleeing the stage. This would be a practical and fun meta challenge that encourge even new players to one day unlock their first “Boo button” oppertunity.

Some maybe think, “But then you dont need loot tickets anymore”. Loot tickets will always be what the majority of people want, since that gives access to farm all over the maps where it is most needed. What the Boo button would add to the mix, is to inspire the player to unlock more stages with the Boo button access and also take some of that tedious grinding pressure off the commited player who else are at an increased risk at getting tired with time by the exceeding grind. The Boo button would add to the appriciation of ones growing team strength and inspire new players to unlock this meta level instead of the exceeding grind that adds up with every leveling up.

Keep the fun where it belongs!

The boo button would also decrease the need for the loot ticket that are currently used by those stronger players thus affect companies revenues.

Never gonna happen. Nice try though, lol.

You could be right, but that would mainly be a decrease from higher level player. The whales would stil without doubt pay for any loot ticket offer that come in their way.

This grinding with heavy dependacy on buying more loot tickets as you rise in level will eventually grind down anyones patience with the game. Even as a whale, you get a limited set of offers to buy loot tickets, so once you have used them up, you are stuck to grind no matter if you would like to pay your way out of that grind.

If this grind that is bounded to these loot tickets are maintaining during the life time of this game, then that may very well be the reason why you wont be able to see anyone over level 150+ in the future, because the grind can only get worse the higher level you reach.

I guess that any new implement in this game must come with yet another push for increased costs if you want to keep ahead in your progress or else slipp further behind no matter how much money you put down earlier.

I might be wrong, but my impression so far is that alot of active players here on the forum seem to embrace these pushed added fees that is thightly tied with the game progress, without questioning them at any point. Maybe Im speaking with developers in disguise here I dont know…

I might add. I personally dont mind spending money here and there on the game. And I have bought the loot ticket offer a few times, but as the structure are now in this game. I will not buying any more loot tickets from now on, no matter if that means that I will have unused WE left. If the idea I suggested here would be a option in the future, I know that I then would use it to buy WE to use that as a boost when needed atleast.

Contrary to what some people might see as complaining, I can assure those that this is not a complaint from my side, this is a clear statement. I will not buy loot tickets again no matter the push for it, period. Those who buy them will, and I dont mind If they do.

I doubt Im alone feeling this way, so I share these thoughts for anyone who care about new ideas, that doesn’t come with a new obvious cost everytime they are implemented. If things dont balance out as you progress further into the game, then I can’t help but to see this game as anything other than a sinking ship as you rise in level. Unless you try to cover over every new hole that is made, with more money to make it float a little bit further.

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