A team build around Kashrek

So I joined this new Alliance and to my surprise they run a green tank in Wars.
So with my Kashrek nearly at max, I rushed him and want to use him as my main tank during next war.

I have a current setup in mind BT, Richard, Kashrek, Santa, Kadelin.
But I would love to have more input on a possible War Defence.


That seems like a solid War Defense team. You might consider Aslar in the right wing once you max him. He’ll pretty reliably go off with son minor healing from BT, especially if there’s field aid.

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Yup your defense is sufficient.

Too bad your Azlar is not maxed yet.

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:slight_smile: it took me over a year just to get the 6 rings for Santa. Who knows when Azlar will be ready.

I’d try to emblem Kadilen and put her as tank. She is faster and her skill more useful.

Boldtusk, Richard, Kadilen, Santa and Sabina or Caedmon on the other wing. If you prefer Kashh as tank I couldn’t think on a better setup than the one you suggested.


I would also suggest to build your defense around kadilen as tank, maybe wu/bt-richard-kadilen-santa-obakan (heavily forcing the enemy to bring disspell heroes and lose without them)