A tactic to advance that helped me

Hi everyone, I’d like to share this method because of my own struggles early in the game. I’m not ‘early’ now, but this is how I progressed when confronted by heavier enemies…i hope it helps.

So I have now these heroes…but these heroes I’m sure can be substituted for similar heroes of the same ilk, from left to right…

Skittleskull, Sonya, Rigard, Chao, Boldtusk.

So…the first round…easy enough? Vanquish all the enemies while at the same time power up your heroes…make sure there all powered up for the next round…

Now…attack…Skittleskull begins…he hits all enemies. Then focus Chao on the first enemy…hit. then focus Sonya on the middle enemy…hit. activate Boldtusk who enhances your tile attack and finish off the weakend two enemies.

Now that theres only one enemy remaining. top up all special attacks by aiming to the one side with no enemies. Once everyone is powered up again finish off the remaining enemy and repeat from Skittleskull on the next stage.

When you come to the final level, auto focus everyone on the boss but concentrate on attacking either side. Before you know it…Victory.

In the earlier stages of this method I used Balthazar instead of Rigard but Rigard came into his own as I leveled up.

I also used (I’m proud to say) Carver instead of Skittleskull and he did the job of hitting everything at once in the early days of this method.

I’ve finished all of season I, most of season II and took a huge chunk out of season III using this strategy.

Cool, hope this might be a help for beginners and maybe everyone kinda knows this stuff already but I’d love to hear any similar Tactics?..sound, love this game…hope it helps.


Are you talking map play?

If so, I’ve been using basically the same team [for the map] for two and a half years now. As well as the same strategy.

My TP is 3600, and has been, for around two years. In order to successfully clear and complete every stage in the game [including hard mode], I use these heroes:

  1. 3/70 Alberich - My main-stay saving grace; one of the main reasons I’m able to push above my weight on these levels, as he not only heals over time, but also revives any fallen allies (a third of the time). Means I don’t need those pesky revive/miracle scrolls. & His very best caveat? That mana over time :heart_eyes:

I use him as my secondary healer and support hero; he hasn’t left my map team ever. Despite owning Mother North - as even though her revive chance is much higher, her immediate heal is more practical, and the minions help you in a few different ways - nothing can compare to Alby’s mana over time; it’s seriously the best skill in this entire game, ensuring your heroes fire regardless if there’s tiles abound, or matches to be made, or not. That, and his revived come back much stronger (so that’s also a huge plus).

  1. 3/70 Hel - My second main-stay; her mana control is crucial for controlling, and shutting down, any of the final bosses. Her SS is especially useful vs boss stages, where every enemy has mana. Although I do have Proteus, I prefer the initial damage Hel brings vs Proteus’s DOT.

  2. 3/70 Athena - My defense down hero. Defense down is essential for extra damage, and Athena does that best. Although I do have a C. Grimm with more survivability, I choose Athena for her extra 31% down. She’s also another main-stay of mine.

Number four and five have changed over time. Originally, I ran Boldtusk as my main healer/attack buffer, and Drake as my blinder, but have since changed to:

(Lol ugh, accidentally sent this before I was finished - so forgive me while I add the rest of this lol new phone and all)

  1. 3/70 Zimkitha - my only attack buffer and cleanser on my team, allowing me to forgo antidotes.

  2. 4/70 Gullinbursti - my primary healer. The over-heal is amazing for completing S3 and fighting against those who reduce max HP. & His AoE attack has helped me clear stages without using additional mana/tile damage to do so.



Fire from left to right, and build up mana for at least the last three before any given stage.

Attack buffs, and defense downs, must go first in order to provide the most damage.


Bombs, small mana, small health, medium health

  • Bombs in case of emergency, as I have no hero that can reduce attack. This is always reserved for the final stage.

  • Mana in order to charge an essential hero (heal, mana control, defense down, etc), usually reserved for the final stage unless it’s an emergency

  • Health pots used usually on the first stage - while my heroes are still gaining mana - as it’s rough going the first 5-10 turns. Thereon, stages two and three should be a breeze (as your mana should be stored and saved), and it’s just the final boss you’ve gotta watch out for. Therefore, might wanna save some extra health pots just in case


If you can, I’d suggest bringing in similar items, and prioritizing heroes with these specific stipulations/skills:

Most Important

  • 2-4 Damage dealers (cone, splash or AoE damage preferred)
  • 1-2 Healers (even better if one is immediate, and another is HOT/max HP)
  • Attack buffer
  • Defense down
  • Mana control

Others worth consideration

  • Dispelling
  • Cleansing
  • Mana gain/mana generation
  • Minions
  • Attack down
  • Defense Up/Spirit Link
  • Blind
  • Taunt
  • Revive

I’m a newbie….I’ll probably have to read again to grasp your tactic. Lol

Another person who replied to your post has some good insight. Thx!

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Good stuff! I appreciate the info and I believe it will help. I am not but a month into the game so I’ll have to refer back to your post. Lol



Thanks @RandaPandah, very interesting.

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That’s great @pHypHy, the game does get easier over time.

Not gonna lie @RandaPandah I’m a little jelly here. Athena is one of the heroes that I really want (an ad featuring her brought me to E&P), but continues to elude me :upside_down_face:


I can remember ploughing through S1 and S2 with mainly 4* heroes – Grimm and BT were key for me. I also made good use of Boril and Cyprian in those days.

I was also lucky to have a Lianna though.

@Fadge Im giving you the forum award for best name though. Had me chuckling.

Ha ha, Thanks @Cheds

My strategy for Atlantis hard stages?
2 healers

2 riposters team is my favourite solution when monsters are getting tough and they hit hard. Of course they won’t work everywhere but in most stages I think they help alot. 2 healers and 2 riposters make your team very passive, but sometimes you want to survive as long as possible. :slight_smile:


You should activate Boldtusk before using Chao and Sonya. As a general rule, buffers / debuffers dispelers / cleansers shoul go off before snipers during the same turn.
All things considered, decent startegy, in a few words, kill all but one in every mob wave, charge your heroes, only than kill the last one and move on to next wave. Repeat as many times as needed. One more aspect, before moving to the bosses, make sure the board setup favores you, especialy if you’re stacking colors.


Hi @Ian487, the reason Boldtusk is last is because he powers up your tile attack…so going into the second stage you should (fully powered up) attack the 1st enemy with the special attack with auto target…hit…switch auto target to the second enemy…hit…if you have the likes of Balthazar then he hits also in a circular attack motion on the left to right enemies…

Now activate Boldtusk because your working with the tiles at this stage and he cures, enhances your tile attack and…by this stage its usually all over…

nothing personal, but that team is basically impossible for someone new or even kinda new to the game to have. at best, Rigard, cBrienne, Proteus, Skittles, and Melendor might come sorta close, barely. and even those five aren’t all that easy to get, in combination.


Boldtusk doesn’t just enhance tile attack, he enhances special skills attack too. He adds a 48% bonus to your heroes base attack value, that affects both tile damage and special skills. Each turn, you first use your specials than your tiles, so by activating BT after using your snipers, you lose the 48% attack bonus for their special hits… It makes no sense activating BT after the use of rhe snipers. Your tile attacks will benefit from BT’s boost wether you activate BT before or after the snipers, the way you play, you just waste lots of firepower from your sniper hits.


Well, that’s why I gave my own recommendations on certain skills after sharing what I’ve personally been using; never did I say I expect someone new to match it lol

(…I mean, I have been at this for almost three years now :sweat_smile: That would be incredibly foolish of me to presume)

However, since I’ve been playing with low TP my entire time in this game - at a place most usually get to within a few months (give or take spending habits and overall game activity) - think I have at least an inkling on what skills are needed to push above your weight.

I’ve upgraded to better heroes [over time], but once upon a time, I used 2/60 Kadilen instead of Alby, 3/60 Grimm instead of Athena, 3/60 Merlin instead of Hel and 3/60 Wu Kong instead of Gullinbursti (got lucky pulling Kadi and Merlin within my first two months of gameplay)

& Btw, TC20 has a majority of what I suggested in my “most important” list. So kinda moot point, no? Til you have heroes to choose from, you gotta use what you’ve got anyway… But once you can choose, prioritizing teams with those skills listed is what’s truly important

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No offense, but if you have been playing for 2.5 years, how is you main attack team not fully leveled by now?
Edit: intended to reply to randa panda

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I don’t use 4* mats or emblems :relaxed:


Hi @Ian487 ok, I wasn’t aware of that, I just presumed Boldtusk enhanced tiles and not specials. I’ll rearrange the attack order. I’m currently on area 12 of season 3 and the system is still working.

Randa doesn’t play the game like the rest of us :joy:

But don’t mistake that for a lack of knowledge


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