A survey: which hero you want to do limit break first? 3 star, 4 star or 5 star on your defense?

I would like to do limit break on my 3 star event hero first.

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What, no vote? 20 chars…

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What hero will you limit break first?

  • 5* Defense
  • 5* Offense
  • 4* Defense
  • 4* Offense
  • 3*
  • Titan team specialist (Wu, Ranvir, Miki, etc)
  • Dawa

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We don’t have enough for 5*, so I limit break a 4* first, as my defense already consist of emblemed 5*, naturally, that 4* is not part of defense team. I chose the 4* that I always use in war (Kiril).


After this raid tourney or when some alliance open their war chest, I bet someone will be limit breaking a 5* blue.

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It doesn’t have to be war chest, it is said that it is from war loot.

I’m definitely not wasting mats on a 3* or 4*. I don’t care if that’s what people do. I don’t play a game to get a bunch of Ferrari’s and then decide to detail the Daewoo. Ain’t gonna happen.

I think I’ll probably just limit break the one unit I have that will equal limit breaking every unit in the game: My lord and savior, Lord Loki.

The poll should have a choice of a 5*, 4*, 3* you use on offense and defense because I’m sure that would be the more popular choice.


Since there are already 4 Ice Aethers III given by the quest, it only needs one more from wars or raid tourneys. I bet some would use it on Athena, Frida, Lord Loki, Ariel, Miki, etc.


This made me laugh. Thanks for that.


That is my plan, after limit breaking Kiril, I need another 1× 4* aether in addition to that 1× 5* aether. Ariel will get her limit break from it as she is part of my defense team and actually most used hero in my attack team.

If I just limit breaking 5*, I am going to be left with abundance of 4* aether. I can’t use them for my Ferrari without 5* aether, so instead of letting them useless in my inventory, I will use them for my Daewoo. :wink:


Cobalt with the raid tourney iii item


Except you need 3* 4* and 5* to limit break a 5* and with the proposed frequency of the quests and the fact that there are five colors, you won’t have an abundance of anything for quite awhile. I’m sure you’ll love your Daewoo though.


If you only drove the Ferrari everywhere you would have a point. But you have to regularly drive many of the cars in your fleet - sexy or not - and so all of them benefit from detailing, and pass those benefits back to you


How do you know that I don’t just drive my Ferrari everywhere? Maybe I don’t want to compete in events that need Daewoos. And before you bash the logic in that, you play the game the way you want and I’ll play the way I want. My analogy on Ferraris Vs. Daewoos is my own personal analogy and trying to find fault with it is unnecessary as again, it’s my personal playstyle and decision. So accept it and move along.


So you don’t use any 3s or 4s in any tournies, TOL, ninja tower, wars, class quests, or events?

OK - I’ll accept that and move along :kissing_heart:


Only do legendary level in TOL. Hate ninja tower, only use five stars. Don’t need 4* in war. Maybe a couple times I’ve used Melendor or Amethyst. Class quests…might have to use 1 or 2. Can’t remember off hand. Events…again, I don’t enjoy ones where you need to use weaker heroes.

Besides my Krampus, and my main 4-star healers, there’s only one other hero I know I want to break sooner rather than later: Scarlett. i’ve got her at +20 and it will just make her insane attack power insane-ier. I pair her with a crit troop and her tile damage is through the roof. that said, she probably will be in line behind Boldtusk depending on how many aethers i get when red comes around.

oh, and I went ahead and broke Nordri during the tutorial, because if it will allow him to stand up to bigger titans, super.


Don’t worry, I already calculate it, the drop rate of 5* aether ÷ 4* aether ÷ 3* aether from quest and tournament loot follow this ratio:

1 ÷ 6 ÷ 13

Equal to:

5 ÷ 30 ÷ 65

While 5* need:

5× 5* + 20× 4* + 35× 3*

Which follow this ratio:

5 ÷ 20 ÷ 35

That means on average, there are surplus around:

10× 4* aether and 30× 3* aether after you limit break a 5*.

So you will have enough of 3* and 4* aether the limit break your Daewoo without sacrificing your Ferrari.


I will break Kiril and one Sonya and then try to amass at least 8 more 3* Ice aethers to break Grimm. Small aethers should be easier to assemble, sadly we cannot pick the color, it will be random.

Edit: For all those that intend to break heroes to upgrade your defense team, please notice that when you break one 5* of each color your defense team becomes rigid and unflexible. And you cannot change it easily neither in wars nor for raids.

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I used mine for regular kiril and his costume, plus Sapphire. I use both in multiple things and will continue to.

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I immediately did my Nordri.
For me is not much about rarity but rather usage.

I use Nordri in many many aspects of the game and it gave me immediate effect, so it was a no brainer.

Also, i’m not in a top alliance that probably require first a though defence.


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