A storage area? Only for 1&2* feeders gain from levels?

So here’s the issue we have a 4 year f2p player and I know this is a issue for others as well.

Just watch video.

Please he explains it better.

He’s saving 5* for soul exchange and has a pretty deep roster already. As he said he could just buy more space but that’s not really a solution that just prolongs the issue … he’s a heavy farmer and gains a lot of feeders from levels…. Maybe a storage area can be made?

1 - Roster Space - Making 1* and 2* Heroes taking no roster space.


  • This way we can farm and autoplay for longer periods of time without having to stop to feed heroes;
  • Roster space is used for heroes we actually want to use and level, and we can save more of those;
  • It increases the value of dupes and trainers, since we can save more of them and use them more efficiently.

2 - Team Space - Making Titan Attack teams being stored in the titan tab, one for each color (just like Covenant Teams and Challenge event teams are stored “inside” the event).


  • Freeing Team Slots to save more attacking team combinations for Raids (players have more and more heroes and more teams with synergy’s and combos).
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They don’t give a rip about QoL. Your ideas are great and would be well received. But I’m not holding my breath.