A statistically sound RNG


Updated RNG that is actually statistically sound.
A statistically sound RNG should give us about 20% tiles of each color on the board and not like today where you get so much tiles in 1-2 colors that you get maybe only 3-4 of the color you need…sure, it can happen like the first screenshot but the second is just foul, and I didn’t get any more red tiles for the whole match… And when it happens like this 6 straight rounds in the war and then 6 rounds while raiding… Who will pay for my new phone (yeah, I cract the screen over this stupid game)?! Or better yet who will keep paying you more money for things in this game when you just give us crap back for our hard earn money! Screenshot_20180930-133049_Empires|243x500


You people are ridiculous. It’s RANDOM. If it wasn’t you would have only 7 tiles of each color on every board. You have almost 1/2 that. That’s well within the range you should be in for average


One screenshot is one datapoint, please see the thread below in which staff explicitly states that boards are random and a skeptic gathers a large dataset to try to disprove that statement but instead finds that randomness is, well, random.


No, a proper RNG should give a random amount of tiles of each colour on each board. If it’s always about 20%, it’s not random.

Education: " Although the proportion of heads (and tails) approaches 1/2, almost surely the absolute difference in the number of heads and tails will become large as the number of flips becomes large. That is, the probability that the absolute difference is a small number, approaches zero as the number of flips becomes large. Also, almost surely the ratio of the absolute difference to the number of flips will approach zero. Intuitively, expected absolute difference grows, but at a slower rate than the number of flips, as the number of flips grows."


As many say random is random… but with large data samples should approach the target values. While I have no interest in trying to absolutely prove this, i did do a test and documented the results… bottom line i am comfortable that the tiles are random.


When you have only heroes of one color or you lack an hereo in some color, you do not agree with those tiles and they accumulate, that’s why after you do not get more of the color you want, try to make a rainbow team and you will not have those problems


@Pablito, in general I was testing the concept of the randomness of the boards… I won 28 out of 35 battles many against top 100 teams… so I think that our concepts crossed in the air.

b.t.w. I am not a big fan of rainbow teams on offense, I prefer a 2-2-1 or 3-2 in general.


That’s a half-truth, unless all parties involved in the conversation already know what you mean.

With large samples, the sum total deviation from the target values can be expected to increase.

With large samples, the average deviation from the target values can be expected to decrease.