A Special Skill for Players (not heroes) called Devastate


No, different players have different ideas and we discuss them here in the Forum. :slight_smile:



Sounds like utter nonsense to me.
April fools day was several months ago


Just a quick update …

Too many argued against this criteria, as they think it serves the top players who have been playing for long and must already have many 5* heroes and most probably at max level. Thus, the suggested PSS doesn’t apply for all players.

Here are some more comments:

I’m fine with this, thank you all.

But then, how can we recognize the players who have played, done and achieved a lot in the game? Do “they” actually need to be recognized?

With regards to criteria that the player must have Longest raid win streak of 25., I had a discussion with some of my friends … one of them has 90 win streak and the other has 220., since it counts the wins you have on others NOT when others attacks you and you lost. Only the matches you win, through raid , will count for the win streak. One of them also pointed out that this requirement “is pointless.”

The new requirements for the win streak will be …

  • Longest raid win streak 300., even though it is pointless.

Also, I was intrigued by one of the responses …

which my response was …

So yes,… I will be doing some thinking on creating another new PSS so to act as a balance toward the suggested PSS Devastate skill.

But this time, I will definitely follow a different approach on having you all to participate in the development of this new Player Special Skill.

Hold on.


Longest raid streak is completely useless as a measure of skill because any cup dropper can match themselves against weaker teams for a cakewalk string of victories. Like titan finishing strikes it means nothing except as an ego stroker.


True… and thank you for your feedback.

I already updated the requirements for this PSS Devastate to include the following … for the fun.


Maybe but giving them an added advantage towards being stronger and as it would be in most cases insured wins isn’t really right or fair towards those working there way up to beat them as thry would pretty much have control of who woukd be capable of even getting close.

Other options are have top player of the month chest/rewards, or get SG to offer a 5* hero which top player of the month gets, or as they are top plsyers and wiukd be already spending more offer say 1000 gems to the top player.

All of these options coukd tgen be placed as a new page where the leaderboard is titled something like Top Player Of The Month Board.

Above that biard there woukd be a visual list of items to be won and besude their name a star for for how many times they won it.

You could also place a tiny tag at their icon like a cup or something which would only be displayed on the last months winner icon.

But prividing already strong players with greater advantages would only upset many others not able to compete.
I don’t see this to be right no matter hiw you try to make it sound.



And again, please …
Instead of stating why the idea can’t be done, why not state what is required from your perspective to make it work. How about if you try and acknowledge the parts of the idea you can agree with.

Thank you.


Thank you @Ozy1 for your feedback ,…
I’ll come to the rest of your points but please let me have your thoughts on this … will this help?


Because there isn’t any so far. The whole idea is as I stated, about making good players better and for what reason does it make sense.

If your talking about rewarding 100 players then give each one a guaranteed ascertain item a month for being in the top 100.

Your just bring back a topic which was already deemed hopeless, why because you are bored, lol


It feels like a troll, only trapped in Groudhog Day. Best of luck


Personally, I think the suggestion as defined will discourage lower-level players and cause them to leave the game.

However, I feel the idea has merit. Tone-down the power and allow every player to use it once a every 2-days in an arena (Titan, Map, Raid, War, Challenge) of their choosing.

Perhaps the damage is a sum of all
living heroes on the current team. The players should be able to select either 1 enemy or all enemies to be “Devastated”

Then if you add extra Defense, a low-level player will finally stand a chance against otherwise unbeatable opponents.


Why would people with 50 different maxed legendary heroes need this advantage?

They dont

I’m an INTJ

This means nothing.

The myers-briggs test is meaningless. Im serious. The average psychologist doesnt take that seriously and neither do people who realize thousands of potential “personality types” exist. All the test means is you’re more “this type” than the other 15 in the pre-made set, this makes it flawed because ANYONE can come up with a few personality types and define people based on which they are most like.

Its almost as bad as taking zodiac signs seriously and basing life decisions on them. Stahp.

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

OK. Let’s go off topic.

Did you come to this conclusion before or after you took the test?


After researching the m-b test thoroughly enough to conclude that its meaningless, spending the time to take a test that is over six dozen questions long seemed utterly pointless.

I did, looked up examples of the questions to understand the nature of the questions on the test before coming to my conclusion, however.

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once


I like your idea to reward players for their loyalty to the game. I would change it into a more shared benefit:

It would be more enjoyable for other players if they would benefit more when their Devastate alliance member uses the skill. When you have played, done and achieved a lot in the game, then why not focus the skill on helping others do the same?

I would focus the skill on primarily helping other players and change the name of the skill into ‘‘Allegiance’’.

  • Decreases the health of a Titan by 25%
  • Increases the battle time for all alliance members by X (15) seconds for X (24) hours or 1 titan-period
  • Increases the damage dealt to the titan by X (20) % for all alliance members for X (24) hours or 1 titan-period
  • Decreases the damage received from the titan by X (20) % for all alliance members for X (24) hours or 1 titan-period

Just some ideas. You probably want to avoid activating more than one effect or decrease the strength of the effects in order to avoid real overpowering.

Maybe also other secondary effects can be activated, such as:

  • Increases the XP gained by X (50) % for all alliance members for X (24) hours
  • Multiplies loot by 2 for all alliance members for X (24) hours
  • Increases the training speed of heroes by 50% for all alliance members for X (24) hours
  • Increases the building speed for all alliance members for X (24) hours

And upon using the skill, something like VIP but less:

  • Provides 10 Atlantis Coins for all alliance members up on using the skill
  • Provides 30 gems for all alliance members upon using the skill
  • Provides 1 loot ticket for all alliance members upon using the skill

Of course, these rewards would also be obtained by the users of the skill. It is also a possibility to increase the values/amounts for the users of the skill by a small amount, so that it actually does have a difference for themselves.

  • Can only be used by a player once every 3-7 days. I think 24 hours makes it too overpowered. Tactical decisions.

What happens when multiple players possess this skill? It’s a question I can not answer without doubting myself right away.

  • Maybe other or multiple effects can be unlocked upon using it at the same time within like an hour.
  • Maybe it could extend the duration of the skill

If it would be primarily based on loyalty, then I would relate the requirements to loyalty also.

  • Completed Season 1 & 2 of E&P (hard mode also?)
  • Defeated X (500) titans in general
  • Consecutively defeated X (180) titans while being a member of the same alliance
  • Player level X (40)+ (I would aim for playing for 1,5-2 years; I don’t know what average player level belongs to this period)
  • Consecutive logins for at least X (30) days

An ascended hero cap is something what could be added, so that it stays very rare. 50 is a lot and I would allow doubling, because not every hero is as useful for you (and thus for your alliance). Knowing the color stacking tactics:

  • Have X (3) maxed 5* heroes of each color
  • Have X (4) maxed 4* heroes of each color

This would already take someone around 1,5-2 years I think.

But there are players who already have this! I hear you thinking. So another requirement has to be added in order to guarantee the rarity.

This could be related to raids:

  • Only able to use the skill while being on the top X (100) of the raiding leader board

It could also be related to titan hits:

  • Only able to use the skill if the user has reached X (100K)+ titan hit before

Maybe this could be exploited by fighting lower level titans first? I don’t have much knowledge about that. You might want to relate it to the other requirements then. So it would turn into:

  • Only able to use the skill if the user has reached a X (100k)+ titan hit before on one of the X (180+) consecutive already defeated titans in the same alliance.

I gave it a twist, so that it wont make powerful players even more powerful. It will make their alliance and alliance members stronger. Just an idea, you sir do with it whatever you want. :smiley:


@TomV93, I’m speechless! Thank you for your thoughts and bright ideas.
I will definitely look into them and evaluate those which can enhance the PSS Devastate, even more.

In the meantime, and to get your thought going (you must be exhausted by now), please please please tell me what you think about this NEW PSS and may be … build it!

I don’t mind at all if you want to start a new topic for.


  • A player who can acquire this skill, can choose between this new skill (you can have the privilege and give it a name) OR PSS Devastate.
  • A player can deselect the current PSS and select the other one provided that it is currently active (not on cool down) and at the cost of 10000 gems.

Player bound Special Skills

Sure I can, but I don’t have a sufficient amount of time now. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. It is an idea on which I have already commented on in another thread. A little later… :wave:


I believe you are also good on Crowd Control.
Good luck!