A song about the Tome of Tactics


Spoke to my soul. Where are my tomes?!


AKA, now I can’t get the song outta my skull! :joy:

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Great! Can we request songs on this station? I’d love to hear Tomeward Bound…

I don’t think Simon will give you a yes for this.
:rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Funny, I have 10 tomes of tactics and 0 damacus blades. With 4 lvl 80 heroes. Which means I had 4 blades and 14 tomes in total

Wished I could trade them.

Mwahahahaha, l laugh evilly…they tomes are mine!

Bump because I need one.

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Another bump cause I need 1 or 3

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Got one. Need 3 more.

I need a few too.

If I hum this when opening the chest will it help?

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